NAB 2017: Monitoring and Recording

2017 is a big year for monitors and recorders at NAB, with new models introduced by Atomos, ikan, Marshall Electronics, SmallHD, and Transvideo, covering between them applications from compact on-camera to full-size HDR.

How to Use Your HDSLR System Optimally for Video

Off the cuff, one might think there are few, if any, differences between packing a DSLR system and an HDSLR system, but once you look beyond the basics, i.e. the camera bodies, lenses and tripod (the legs, but not necessarily the head), the differences start adding up.

Wireless Video Transmission System Buyers guide

Wires. Sometimes, they just get in the way, especially when working on a professional video production. Snaking hundreds of feet of cable around a shooting location can make it difficult for camera operators to move around, can be incredibly messy, and sometimes wires and cables can make capturing the shot you need incredibly difficult or even impossible.

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