Jim Kahnweiler

Paris is the most romantic city in the world, anytime of the year. My wife and I were visiting Sacre Coeur one winter's day and were headed down. I saw this couple adding impact to the view and made this image and a couple more. An instant later they stood and left.

I tried to get more color out of the scene, but the pale winter light with the slight overcast and the grey buildings rendered the image monochrome. I really didn't look "right" in color. I removed the pedestrians to give the couple more privacy, removed the camera he was holding and tilted their heads together. I brightened windows and lamps, cleaned the tree trunks and removed a radio tower and wires. I cranked the saturation and then used the Photoshop Black & White conversion adjustment layer for the grey scale conversion. Finally, I popped the contrast with TopazLabs Clarity and used high pass sharpen for sharpening. Vola!