Primera Makes Desktop Disc Publishing Easy


If you've ever thought about the advantages of printing and burning CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs without depending on an outside service bureau, now's the time to take a look at Primera Technology’s tiered solutions for producing professional-quality discs right in your own production studio. You control the quantity, deadline, turnaround time, and cost -- not vendors who put your job at the end of their queue.

There are many benefits to being your own desktop disc publisher. There's almost no turn-around time, but there are significant costs savings. The main drawback used to be that you had to burn discs one at a time and then print and stick labels onto each one. But that's no longer the case. Primera’s Disc Publishers integrate both a recorder and a printer in one machine. First, the discs are burned by the built-in, high-speed recorder. Then, the discs are printed. The entire process is automated and hands-free due to a robotic disc transport system.

When production is kept in-house, you have control of making changes on the fly and the flexibility of being able to quickly generate short runs for special events or corporate projects. Videographers can then satisfy most client requests with minimal time or effort.

With the price of fully automated CD and DVD disc publishers starting at less than $1,500, owning your own duplicator can pay for itself quickly. Depending on what quantities you typically need, Primera offers a variety of products for disc publishing jobs ranging from light to heavy-duty. All of Primera’s duplicators include fast, robotic CD/DVD duplication along with full-color, 4800 dots per inch (dpi) direct-to-disc printing.

Short-run Blu-ray Disc duplication is also becoming more popular as BDs and players drop in price. One of the new opportunities for making extra money with Blu-ray Discs is the wedding video market. What bride and groom wouldn't want their wedding duplicated in high-definition? After all, standard-def is so last century. And the wedding party will likely be looking at the video for decades to come.

 Entry-Level Disc Publishing

The Bravo SE Disc Publisher series is a very affordable duplicator  for CDs, DVDs, and (in one model) also BDs. The equipment is a compact, all-in-one automated disc production factory that fits right next to your computer. Bravo SE is ideal for producing from one  to 20 discs at a time.

Higher-End Disc Publishing

The new BravoPro Xi-Series Disc Publishers are the fastest disc publishers in their class. The series improves on Primera’s award-winning BravoPro Disc Publishers. With their built-in high-speed recorders, direct-to-disc printing, and fast robotics, these desktop units automate the process of burning and printing up to 100 CDs or DVDs at a time. Features of the Xi-Series include 300 percent faster robotics for higher throughput, interior blue LED lighting with job status feedback, and a seventh-generation disc picking mechanism. If you want to future-proof disc production by including  Blu-ray burning as part of your repertoire, consider the top model in the series, the Primera BravoPro Xi Blu-ray Disc Publisher

Professional-Grade Disc Publishing

The Bravo XR-Series Disc Publisher Systems are designed specifically for production environments that require fast and efficient disc burning and printing. The equipment is reliable, modular, and upgradeable. XR-Series disc publishers have an 18-gauge steel case and are rack mountable. BravoPro XR has one recording drive and 50-disc capacity while the Bravo XRP has two recording drives and 100-disc capacity.


In addition to the Disc Publishers, Primera allows you to protect your digital content with PTProtect DVD anti-rip copy protection software. PTProtect protects DVD content from being accessed by common ripping programs.

The list of uses for CD, DVD and BD duplication equipment is endless. Once you’re burning and printing discs in-house, you’ll likely wonder how you ever managed before. Producing your discs in-house allows you the flexibility to manufacture professional-quality discs right when you need them.


You will never beat the prices of public publishers. It's like printing photo's on a home printer. The price of ink is more than blood probably one of the most expensive fluids on earth.  At the end you end with a true Home made product.

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