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Celebrating Women In Media

B&H is honored to present the inspiring stories of creative women who work in a variety of disciplines. Scroll down to enjoy content from our new Groundbreaking Women video series, insightful articles, technical reports, product reviews, podcasts, short-form videos and extended lectures, the “What is Photography?” portrait series, and our “Women of Influence” video project. Please join us in celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day and, by all means, share your favorites with your social networks.

Groundbreaking Women

We asked creative women in the fields of photography, filmmaking, technology, fine arts, and adventure travel to weigh in about the significance of women’s history to their lives and careers. Immerse yourself in their inspiring stories in the short videos below. 


Jean Fruth - Sony Artisan


Caitlin Morris - Pitch Her Productions


Lexie Alford - @lexielimitless


Sara Dietschy - Tech Youtuber


Lady Pink - Muralist

Inspiration, Education and Entertainment

We developed the Explora blog with a mission to educate, entertain, and inspire fans of all types of media. For more than a decade, this content has been an integral feature of the B&H website. During this time, we have promoted the work of a wide range of female creators, from household names to emerging talents. The content below represents memorable stories featuring women published within the past year.

Kathryn Sullivan's Pioneering Adventures in Space

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan has an elite status among groundbreaking American women. In January 1978, she was selected by NASA as part of the first astronaut class to include females. “All six of us in that first batch of women felt a self-imposed pressure,” Sullivan says in a 2017 interview for the multimedia project TIME Firsts. “One of us would be the first to fly, another would be the first to do a spacewalk—which only a small group of the Astronaut Corps gets to do. We knew our performance would have a big influence on the prospects of the women who would come after us.”

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Jean Fruth’s Baseball Roots Run Deep

Jean Fruth is a diehard baseball fan. “Growing up in New York, with two great hometown teams, how could you not connect with...

Maternal Instincts: Martine Fougeron Pictures a World with Two Sons

It has been said that all our knowledge begins with the senses. This is certainly the case for Martine Fougeron, who gave up a...
Be Inspired to Adventure

Be Inspired to Adventure

Adventure has always presented itself as an avenue of nosy exploration into worlds I knew very little about. It was a spark of...

Caryn B. Davis Packs Her Bags for a 200th Anniversary Antarctic Adventure

The prospect of an Antarctic journey is sure to conjure an inescapable sense of adventure in even the most seasoned traveler....

Rachel Jones Ross: 100 Nights of Photography Under the Stars, Part 1

I still remember vividly, the first time I ever photographed the Milky Way. It was on a crop sensor camera with a kit lens, in...

Dog Daze: Sally Davies Answers 22 Questions about her Canine Portraits

No matter the pedigree, city dogs are a breed apart from the rest. While they may have less freedom and personal space than...

How to Succeed at a Photographic Portfolio Review

The photo community has a unique advantage over other art forms. As the most democratic of the arts, photographs, by their very...

How I Chose a 24-105mm for a Trip to Switzerland

When you’re traveling and want to go minimal—particularly if you’ll be backpacking and every ounce counts—you want to take...

Tips for Taking your Camera out on Snowy Adventures

You want to go outside, get some fresh air, and snap some photos. But, it's winter and you've never done this before. Still,...

8 Tips for Photographing the Northern Lights, from Rachel Ross

There are few natural phenomena that inspire the imagination as much as the Northern Lights. For most landscape photographers,...
Women in Tech

Many people consider technical writing a male-oriented job. However, B&H employs four talented female content writers who cover all aspects of the media landscape. Click on the profiles below for a deep dive into each writer’s archived content, including (but not limited to) buying guides, product analyses, and hands-on reviews covering audio and sound, video and film, computers and software, virtual reality and gaming, photography and more.

Jennifer Hahn

Jennifer is a native New Yorker as well as a writer, videographer, and filmmaker. Before her career at B&H, Jennifer produced documentaries, short videos and films, and is always writing screenplays. She currently writes Pro Video content and articles for the B&H website and Explora online magazine.

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Mary Latvis

Whether wrangling multiple sitcom cameras and pulling focus as an A.C., trekking to locations from City Island to Arkansas, or capturing documentary footage entirely in Farsi, Mary has enjoyed a wealth of truly varied experiences behind the camera. She now contributes Pro Video articles and equipment reviews to the B&H Explora site and incorporates her rental house knowledge into her product descriptions for B&H.

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Cris Silvestri

Cris Silvestri is a tech writer with more than 20 years of experience in writing about gaming and tech. Additionally, she is an accomplished editor who has authored and co-authored several hundred articles, numerous guides, and more than a dozen books. As a single mother working from her home base in New York, Silvestri's freelance work has appeared in both corporate and consumer websites. Her articles for B&H broach a wide range of subjects, from VR to laptop reviews to tips and tricks for setting up whole home Wi-Fi.

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Jill Waterman

As a hardy New Englander, Jill Waterman is at home in all types of weather conditions, especially when a camera is close at hand. Schooled as a printmaker, she caught the photography bug while studying art in Paris, and she hasn¹t looked back since. After spending more than a decade as a photo editor and art director during the golden era of stock photography, she added writing to the mix while working for Photo District News as editor of custom publishing projects such as the ASMP Bulletin and PDNedu. A team member of the B&H Explora blog since 2015, Waterman moonlights as a night photography specialist. Her first book, the technical volume Night and Low Light Photography was published by Amphoto Books in 2006. To learn more about her ongoing long-term project to document New Year¹s Eve celebrations around the globe, Check out this short documentary video and visit her website.

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What is Photography?

This B&H portrait project asks artists, editors, curators, theorists, and technicians to reflect upon the meaning of photography in today's world. Featured below are the perceptive contributions of select female participants, paired with an interpretive portrait.

Sara Bennett, What Is Photography?

Photography is a way for me to depict the injustices I saw when I was a criminal defense lawyer. It brings together my journalism and legal backgrounds, allows me to snoop into my subjects’ lives, takes me to places I wouldn’t ordinarily explore, and opens up my own world.

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Read More on What is Photography

Pixy Liao: What is Photography?

Photography is an art medium to create work using real life as the art material. —Pixy Liao, artist, actress, musician Photog...
Penelope Umbrico: What is Photography?

Penelope Umbrico: What is Photography?

Photography is alive (not still). It’s constantly moving and evolving. It’s a mutable collective visual prosthetic. In 2019, t...
Libby Pratt and Michi Jigarjian: What is Photography?

Libby Pratt and Michi Jigarjian: What is Photography?

Everything we do at Baxter St is based in the community we serve. It's a common theory, but we hold a lot of value in the noti...

Sarah Blesener: What is Photography?

Photography is more about the moments leading up to the frame, and the moments following. It is in this in-between that we, as...

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn: What is Photography?

Photography is a means to an end; it is possibly the most effective liaison between thought, belief, and action, after the pen...

Katie McCurdy: What is Photography?

Photography is an endeavor that goes beyond narration. For me, it's a personal attempt at harnessing a memory, like a self-wri...

Rose Callahan: What is Photography?

The lens I have on the world is one of welcoming. You know how people yearn to be part of something, and always feel a bit too...

Mitra Saboury: What is Photography?

Photography is a disembodied lens, a way to watch each other without locking eyeballs. Is this a photo of me or you? — Mitra S...

Zalika Azim: What is Photography?

The photograph has always been linked to the home, they greeted you as you entered the front door, were placed on refrigerator...

Cinthya Santos-Briones: What is Photography?

Fotografia es la forma más sublime de describir lo que el ser humano interpreta que ve. Es una manera de decir y expresar, des...
The B&H Photography Podcast

These extended conversations with noted female photographers and photo industry professionals are selected from our weekly podcast series, featuring a wide range of insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science, and art, we discuss the topics that are most important to the contemporary photographer.

Nancy Borowick and Adriane Ohanesian - Photography Has Nothing to Do with Cameras

What obstacles have gotten in the way of your photography? When life’s troubles arise, where do you point your camera? Or do you set it down? Photography can be a weekend hobby or it can be a life’s calling and, for our guests, Nancy and Adriane, there is no doubt that photography is part of their very being, and meshed into the most intimate aspects of their lives.

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To Be or Olivia Bee

Podcast: To Be or Olivia Bee

On this episode, we welcome editorial, fashion, art, and music photographer Olivia Bee. That’s a lot of tags and she’s earned them all in a relatively short time span. Her “origin story” is well-documented in photo circles, so we won’t go into that much, but in a career now a decade old, we discuss where those early successes have brought her, what she enjoys about photography, and what she is working on now.

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Aperture Publications

Podcast: Aperture Publications and the Contemporary PhotoBook

We speak to Lesley Martin about the process of photography-book publishing and, in general, the state of the photobook community today. In the second half of our show, we discuss the recently announced winners of the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards.

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That Life and Photography Balance

Podcast: That Life and Photography Balance

On this episode, conversations addressing the challenges photographers encounter when “real life”—children, family, economic changes, even personal tragedy—interrupt the work we would like to be doing, namely taking pictures, and how we find our way back to the form of creative expression we all desire.

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Survive that Day

Podcast: Survive that Day - Freelance Photojournalism, with Adriane Ohanesian

Adriane Ohanesian is a respected photojournalist living in Nairobi and covering news stories throughout East Africa. Her coverage of the civil war in South Sudan garnered her a 2016 World Press Photo Award and she is also the recipient of the 2016 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award. Join us for this compelling and inspirational episode.

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Milk Factory

Podcast: Milk Factory - A Mother's Day Chat with Corinne May Botz

Photographer Corinne May Botz, whose current series is entitled “Milk Factory,” is using her camera to examine quotidian spaces to further a conversation about the “deeply felt subjective experiences of motherhood,” particularly as they are felt in the workplace.

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Short Form Video Interviews

B&H is more than just a retailer—we’re a community of creative professionals including award-winning photographers and musicians, accomplished digital artists and cinematographers, and other skilled creators from diverse artistic backgrounds. Included among the videos below are episodes featuring female creators from our series Love of the Craft, highlighting some of our talented employees, and Show Us Your Shot, an initiative that invites filmmakers to share their creativity and demonstrate unique problem-solving abilities when faced with seemingly insurmountable technical or production hurdles.

Maria Perez

Meet Maria Perez, a gifted storyteller, documentarian, and filmmaker, who’s also a valued member of the B&H Social Media team. Maria’s motivation for filmmaking lies partly in the opportunity to impact people’s lives and affect change—an impetus that guides her both at B&H and while working on her own projects. Watch the complete video to hear Maria’s thoughts on filmmaking.

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Love of the Craft: Andrea Ortado


Love of the Craft: Catherine Sharp


Q&A: Canon EOS RP

Show Us Your Shot

Show Us Your Shot: Interview with Filmmakers Kelly Murray and Hillary Hanak

Making a complete film that lasts only a minute takes far more time to shoot and edit. Kelly Murray and Hillary Hanak opened up...

BTS of 3:13, A One-Minute Horror Film

From the filmmakers: "3:13 is a one-minute horror short created for Make Long Story Shorts, on Instagram. Inspired by the...

Show us Your Shot: Interview with Filmmaker Jillian Bullock

I had the opportunity to catch up with Jillian Bullock, the filmmaker and creative force behind A Sense of Purpose: Fighting...

Show Us Your Shot: How BTS and On-Set Stills Help You as a Filmmaker, Part 2

You’ve shot, edited, and finished your film. You’ve sent it off to the festival circuit, and you’ve been getting accepted....

Show Us Your Shot: Shooting in High Heat

In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, filmmaker Jillian Bullock filmed a scene in Fairmount Park, in Philadelphia, in the...

Show Us Your Shot: Creating a Webisodic

In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, filmmaker Sophia You, Executive Producer Samantha Tan, and Creator Jenna Lam guide us...
Show Us Your Shot: Faking Desert Conditions in Pennsylvania

Show Us Your Shot: Faking Desert Conditions in Pennsylvania

In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, filmmaker Jillian Bullock explains how her DP created a desert shot at night, while...
Extended Lectures

Through our dedicated conferences, Depth of Field (targeted to wedding, portrait, and event markets) and Optic (focused on travel, adventure, and landscape), to our ongoing series of inspirational lectures and technical sessions in the B&H Event Space, we have featured in-depth presentations by some of the most sought-after female photographers working today. The videos below include a curated selection from a vast range of extended content.

Visual Storytelling with Erika Skogg

After spending years traveling and documenting cultures around the world, photographer Erika Skogg returned to her hometown in Wisconsin and began to appreciate the deep Scandinavian ties there and in the surrounding communities. With a desire to explore the community's connection to the past, she created a project documenting Scandinavian-American culture in the Upper Midwest United States. At OPTIC 2019, she shared stories from the experience, as well as some photos and tips for those wanting to start a documentary photography project.

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Women of Influence

This series of short films features leading women in photography and filmmaking, who each share their story about building a career, overcoming challenges, and developing a signature style. Brought to you by B&H, with the generous support of Canon and Sony, Women of Influence offers an inspirational look at the talent, drive, and perseverance that has forged some remarkable photographic and filmmaking careers.

Women of Influence: Elsa Garrison

Elsa Garrison is a New York-based staff photographer with Getty Images Sport. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism,...

Women of Influence: Katrin Eismann

Katrin Eismann is an internationally respected artist, teacher, and author, specializing in creative digital photography and...

Women of Influence: Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina Mittermeier is a Mexican-born marine biologist, photographer, and writer specializing in conservation issues involving...

Women of Influence: Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden grew up in Lancaster, PA, and attended Temple University, graduating in 2008 with Bachelor’s degrees in film and...

Women of Influence: Sandy Puć

Sandy Puć, an internationally acclaimed photographer and businesswoman, delights in sharing her knowledge, experience, and...

Women of Influence: Vivienne Gucwa

Vivienne Gucwa is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, and residing in Manhattan for the past decade. A self-taught...

Women of Influence: Polly Morgan

Polly Morgan (BSC) was born in London and worked internationally as a Camera Assistant before attending The American Film...

Women of Influence: Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten Johnson is a New-York based documentary director, producer, and principal cinematographer on more than 40 feature...

Women of Influence: Eve Cohen

Eve M. Cohen is a cinematographer whose work ranges from independent feature films to television series, documentaries, and...
Featured Speakers

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Please don't jump on the liberal bandwagon to promote women photographers primarily because they are women, as if it's a huge achievement to be a photographer ( or any other professional) based on one's gender. It's ridiculous and unwanted.

I think a religious, conservatively run business as you are should not be promoting cheap, liberal unvalues.

I'm commenting as a (real) woman.

Just to clarify my last sentence, I'm voicing my opinion as a real woman, unfettered by feminist and immoral idioligy.

Dear Chaya B. We appreciate hearing your opinion about our coverage of International Women’s Day, and we’re sorry that you found this content to be problematic. This aggregated coverage highlighting women in media and tech is intended in the same spirit as other thematic content we’ve produced for the Explora blog—to educate, entertain, and inspire our readers. It’s as simple as that—a sincere effort to celebrate the women we’ve had the honor to feature in stories and videos on a date specifically established to honor women’s achievements, so that they may serve as a role model for others. Or, to quote from our video with groundbreaking vlogger Sara Dietschy, “If you see it, you can believe it, and you can set your course to that.”

I really and do assumed that All Women has the ability to photograph anything in which includes the one name Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz and all Women are all and everything passionate Professional Photographers. Finally, I also do assumed that the entire Women are being Blessed, and on with Photography (in Film or Digital.) Stay Blessed, Ladies!!!

Dear James M., thanks so much for writing in. Blessings to you too, and thanks for reading the Explora blog.