Shure Announces Latest Lineup of Sound Isolation Earphones


The B&H Home Entertainment Department is excited to announce Shure’s latest lineup of SE-Series Sound Isolating Earphones. With both wireless Bluetooth and universal 3.5mm versions, there’s an option for every budget. Additionally, there are a few “Special Edition” versions with unique colors and upgraded sound.

The SE215 Wireless Earphones are available in clear or black and provide clear sound and deep bass with the freedom of upgraded Bluetooth 5 connectivity. Breakthrough sound-isolating design keeps the sound in and blocks up to 37 dB of noise during exercise or travel, providing up to 10 hours of immersive audio on a single charge. The inline microphone and three-button remote ensures clarity for calls and voice prompts, and provides volume and playback control. The SE215 features a dedicated, premium headphone amp for improved high-fidelity audio over prior models and support for the latest codecs. Also included in the package is a USB charging cable, a clothing clip, a soft zippered carrying case, and a fit kit with a variety of sleeves to ensure optimal comfort. The SE215 Wireless Special Edition are available in blue or white and include everything in the standard SE215 wireless version has, but with an upgraded sound and extended bass response.

For those who wish to skip the Bluetooth, there are SE215 Universal wired versions in both the standard (clear or black) or special edition (blue or white), which offer the same respective features minus the Bluetooth and integrated headphone amplifier. Equipped with a detachable 3.5mm communication cable, the wired versions also feature the ability to switch easily between Apple and Android devices with the flip of a switch.

Available in silver, the SE425 offers premium sound by way of dual, high-definition drivers, which provide accurate, balanced sound. The SE425 Wireless includes both the Bluetooth 5 communication cable with dedicated headphone amplifier and the universal 3.5m communication cable for Apple/iOS and Android devices. Also included in the package is a micro-USB charging cable, clothing clip, ¼" adapter, a premium carrying case, and fit kit with a wide variety of sleeves. The SE425 Wired offers the same quality and accessories, sans the Bluetooth communication cable.

Available in Wireless and Wired configurations, the bronze-colored SE535 features triple high-definition drivers for spacious sound and rich bass for a cinematic experience. Like the SE425, the SE535 Wireless includes the Bluetooth and Universal (iOS/Android) communication cables, while the wired universal leaves out the Bluetooth cable. The SE535 is also available in a Special Edition Red in the Wireless and Universal Wired versions. All versions offer a comfortable, low-profile fit and include a premium carrying case, a clothing clip, a ¼" adapter, and a wide selection of sleeves to ensure a comfortable fit.

Available in clear, black, blue, or bronze, the flagship SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones feature four high-definition drivers, a groundbreaking low-pass filter for true subwoofer performance, customizable frequency response, and a detachable cable system. The earphones are engineered for a perfectly tailored listening experience and include multiple cable options for wireless Bluetooth 5 connection with dedicated headphone amp, a wired 3.5 mm cable with communication features for Apple/iOS and Android devices, and a standard 3.5mm wired cable with no communications. Also included with the SE846 is a premium carrying case, clothing clip, micro-USB charging cable, a ¼" adapter, an airline adapter, two pairs of nozzle inserts, a nozzle removal key, and a fit kit with a wide selection of sleeves to ensure the most comfortable fit.

As you can see, there is a multitude of remarkable options available. Whether you are looking for a low-cost, great-sounding wired headphone or the top-of-the-line quad driver wireless Bluetooth headphone, Shure has something for any budget and need. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to learn more!