Safes to Keep Your Valuable Gear and Electronics Safe


Safety first. Remember that great little phrase? Even children know that safety comes first. But do you feel that way when it comes to your electronics and camera gear? What about when you aren't using them—do you keep them in a safe place? Do you have other valuables that you would like to hide and keep secure, but perhaps you have limited space? A high-tech safe may be the perfect safety solution for you. One of the following fantastic safes can keep your valuables and your most precious treasure—your camera gear—secure, yet quickly accessible. These safes are easy to use, easy to hide, and easy to fill. Just take your pick and feel at ease immediately.


If your'e tired of trying to remember yet another pass code or number combination, the Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safe is perfect for protecting the most valuable possessions in your home or office, including your camera gear. It is wonderful because it gives quick access the instant it identifies your fingerprint. Barska is the ultimate in biometric security technology. The safe's state-of-the-art locking mechanism—consisting of two solid steel, motorized locking deadbolts—is literally opened immediately at the touch of your finger in the correct position. The safe is easy to use, with a simple three-step programming process to register your fingerprint. In instances when the owner needs someone else to open the safe, the biometric safe features internal memory that can store up to 30 different fingerprints. The safe will only recognize the fingerprints that the owner has programmed into its memory but, if access to a programmed fingerprint is unavailable or the four included AA batteries on which the safe operates become drained, two keys are provided for traditional access.

The safe is a compact size (outer dimensions: 16.5 x 14.5 x 7.75" and interior dimensions: 16.25 x 12 x 7"), which is perfect for important documents, cash, jewelry and, yes, of course, your expensive camera gear. A removable, protective, soft floor mat insert is included to ensure your items are not scratched. Constructed of matte black steel, the safe can be wall or floor mounted with the pre-drilled anchor points and the included mounting hardware. This safe has quick access and a compact, yet accommodating, size so you may not need to look any further. But if you want extra security, with your valuables and camera gear completely hidden, please read on.

Have you ever seen a movie in which a character swings a piece of hinged artwork to get something out of a hidden safe in the wall? How cool is that? Could there be a better place for hiding your valuables than behind artwork or furniture? Probably not, especially considering this practice has become so trite and hackneyed over the last 100 years that no modern thief would think anyone would be naïve enough to try it anymore. The powder-coated, steel-constructed Barska Biometric Wall Safe is easily concealed and can store all your valuables, including the expensive camera gear that you may not use all the time. The safe's door sits flush against the wall while the box itself is recessed inside the wall. Pre-drilled holes and the included mounting hardware assure an easy setup. Not only can the safe be hidden, but the safe's two motorized solid steel locking deadbolts can be opened with the touch of your finger. Fingerprint recognition technology allows you to access your valuables quickly—once the artwork or furniture is moved out of the way. An optical scanner analyzes the scanned fingerprint and compares it to the unique characteristics of those stored in the device's interior memory. This safe has an interior memory that can recognize up to 120 fingerprints. The safe operates on four AA batteries, which are included. If a fingerprint is unavailable for opening the safe or the batteries become drained, two override keys are included for emergency access. Inside the safe (outer dimensions: 15.5 x 3.7 x 20.75" and interior dimensions: 13.75 x 3 x 19") are two removable shelves, which are useful for organizing smaller camera gear and valuables. A protective floor mat is also included so your valuables will not be scratched. Since it can be hidden, this safe is awesome for those who feel the need for extra security yet still have the desire for ease of access with the touch of a fingerprint. However, if hidden safes are not your thing, but you still want that extra security, perhaps a touchscreen and a motion detector alert would work for you.

The American Security Electronic Security Safe is user friendly with a state-of-the-art DL5000 electronic touchscreen locking system, allowing for easy access to your valuables. The large 3.75" touchscreen with color LCD shows the time, date, keypad, and has a low-battery indicator. The display also changes color—from orange in standby mode to bright blue when the safe door is open. The safe's interior memory can hold up to two user pin codes and the open-door records for 14 previous entries. A built-in, spy-proof function and motion detector alert are useful additions to this safe. If the power supply for the safe runs out or the touchscreen fails, rest assured there is an emergency-key override system with two keys or a power-override battery box that can be used to unlock the safe. The safe walls are definitely sturdy, built of heavy 14-gauge solid steel, and the safe door is pry resistant and recessed with internal hinges. Providing even more protection for your valuables and your camera gear, the two locking bolts are also solid steel. One removable shelf helps you organize your valuables within the interior, which offers a 2,464 cubic-inch capacity (outer dimensions: 19 x 13 x 12"). A carpeted base gives you peace of mind that your camera gear or jewelry will not be scratched. Mounting feet and anchor hardware are included for wall or floor installation.

Any of these safes would be perfect for your most valuable possessions. It is up to you to decide if you want a safe with ease of use and easy access with the touch of a fingerprint, a safe with extra memory and extra security of a hidden aspect, or a solid steel safe with a touchscreen display and a motion detector. With any one you choose, your camera gear, important documents, cash, jewelry—anything you need to protect—will be kept safe. Remember: safety first! Keep calm and get a safe.


In my opinion this article misses a huge factor in the selection of a safe.  There is no consideration of fire protection.  I use a gun safe rated for fire protection to 1400 degrees for 1/2 hour.  It is contained within a small room with concrete block walls and a steel door that has a better than average bolt lock.  I keep my camera gear that I don't carry all the time and my back-up data drives in the safe.  I also cycle back-up duplicate drives off-site.  I'd like to see an article testing the survivability of camera equipment and drives with various ratings of safes.  I shopped hard for a good deal on a safe and don't have much other than sweat equity invested in the "safe room".  My investment is less than a quarter of the cost of insurance for one year.  I can think of a number of reasons why this system isn't perfect, but if I can think of improvements, I'll do it.  It obviously doesn't cover me when equipment is out of the vault, but I only carry a much smaller subset at any given time.  The most common equipment subset is about three years worth of insurance costs.  At this point in time I've been well rewarded for this approach.

Could i know the company and model number of the firesafe you used to store your camera and lenses in?  

It looks like UL 125 is good for "media" although i don't know if that definitely means camera and lens or if media is just referring to ie. dvd's etc.