Panasonic S1H

Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H Mirrorless Digital Camera

Create Cinema-Ready Films with the

Panasonic Lumix S1H

Full-frame mirrorless video taken seriously.

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Panasonic S1H Filmmaker Roundtable
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Top Features
World’s first 4K60 full-frame mirrorless
Weather-resistant magnesium-alloy construction
V-Log, HDR, 10-bit, 6K, and more
Special additions and tweaks optimize operation
Cinema Quality

Create video deserving of a theater with the S1H’s class-leading specifications. Leading the list is 4K at 60p, making this the first full-frame mirrorless to offer such a capability. Dual Native ISO further enhances image quality in multiple scenarios and the ability to record in up to 4:2:2 10-bit provides editors with versatility in post.

Professional Build

Panasonic’s S Series cameras emphasize durability and ergonomics, with the S1H adding some video-specific tweaks to further the cause. The magnesium-alloy frame boasts splash and dust resistance, while the control scheme has been optimized for video. Also, it offers two matched UHS-II V90 SD card slots alongside a 3.2" free-angle touchscreen and uses the L mount for wide support of lenses from the L-Mount Alliance.

Advanced Functions

High-end film productions demand certain functionality in their cameras, and the S1H delivers an impressive selection of features. V-Log and V-Gamut can capture 14+ stops of dynamic range while HLG provides HDR-ready clips. If you want more, the S1H is able to use the full-frame area to capture ultra-high-res 6K (3:2) video at 24p or 5.9K (16:9) footage at 30p in 10-bit.

Video Focused

Beyond simple tweaks, such as emphasizing the record button, the S1H elevates the S Series design to be more video friendly. The HDMI 2.0 Type-A connection supports 4K60 4:2:2 10-bit output, users can sync timecode, there is no recording limit, and the free-angle touchscreen makes shooting at any angle easier. A tally light has even been added.

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This amazing camera would be used to create educational videos for deaf children in third world countries. Many countries who do not focus on these special needs children. They need This camera would provide them access to that.

What an awesome prize! I would use the Panasonic S1H camera for so very many things. Photo shoots for the family, to catch an awe inspiring scenery on a nature walk. Record visits to historical places and on trips and I would probably track my garden progress and then when it grows, take crisp photos of the bounty of flowers. 

I would use for wildlife photography. Mirror less would be very quiet and a tremendous advantage

I would use this to capture the birth of my son, the first time he opens his eyes, and the first time my wife holds him.

I would use the Panasonic S1H to capture as much in detail photo/video of the beautiful Wildlife I see before they Demolish the 362 Acres of Woods behind our Home for Warehouses that our State DOES NOT NEED #NextLevelLumix

I would love to capture the world with this beautiful Panasonic instrument..Great pictures happen when your head,heart and eye come together in a split second, and with the perfect tool in hand makes everything that much more astonishing! Be it Stills or Video, Life is always on the move and you want to be there for every moment with a quality camera that perfectly responds to your excitement.. I do love my Panasonic LX7 BUT, I would Love Love this amazing Panasonic S1H to journey with me in last quarter of my life and push my.. 'LOL' point and shoot skills over the top!

Frame rate 120 and above, does it crop in? Auto exposure on high frame rate, no manual?  Or is that the S1?

For Full HD high frame rate shooting there should be no crop and you should have manual controls, just as you would with normal shooting modes.

General photography and landscapes from my National Parks tours

Sounds like a great, fun use for a new camera!

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My email was also returned.

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I had the same issue. You might try it again. I also couldn't login to their website earlier but I can now.

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