Five Luxurious Lens Wraps


The venerable lens wrap is a staple of many photographers’ bags, and if these shooters are anything like me, they will swear by them. These small, versatile wraps will keep your gear safe, whether that means by just offering some extra padding or by allowing you to toss an extra lens in your everyday bag. They also make fantastic gifts for your photographer friends. Here is a small selection of our favorite choices for tucking-in your equipment.

Domke Protective Wraps

When most photographers talk about lens wraps, it can almost be assumed that they are referring to a Domke Protective Wrap. These are the classic option and you absolutely cannot go wrong by picking up one, or five, of these wraps. Available in 11, 15, and 19" sizes, as well as in gray, yellow, blue, red, and black, you can organize and protect almost any piece of gear you need to. They are extremely simple, as well, using a padded nylon material with touch fasteners at each corner to allow you to pack away items of any shape. Also, though this is a more personal preference, they are not too bulky, making them easier to squeeze alongside other items in your bag.

Domke 19x19" Color Coded Protective Wrap

Ruggard Padded Equipment Wraps

A newcomer to the lens wrap arena, but an experienced bag manufacturer, Ruggard has developed its own line of Padded Equipment Wraps to help keep your gear safe. These wraps come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, gray, yellow, and red, as well as three sizes: 11, 15, and 19". They feature padded nylon construction with a soft exterior and durable top stitching around the edges. An advantage of these is the oversized touch fastener corners, which will help keep the wrap around your equipment.

Ruggard 15 x 15" Padded Equipment Wrap

Tenba Messenger Wraps

Offering sizes larger and smaller than many other companies is Tenba, with its line of Messenger Wraps. These come in 10, 16, and 22" varieties, as well as black, blue, platinum, and olive colors, and feature soft-knit cloth exterior with water-resistant ripstop nylon linings to keep your electronics safe. These are also thought to have slightly thicker padding for extra protection. And, like the others, each corner features a touch-fastener tab.

Tenba 16" Messenger Wrap

Indigo Marble Protective Camera Wraps

An interesting lens wrap option because of its added features is the Indigo Marble Protective Camera Wrap, available in 15 and 19" sizes. Maintaining the same padded nylon cloth as its competitors, the Indigo Marble models stand out because of their additionally padded center square for your camera and a gray, no-scratch lining that can be used for white balance. A touch-fastener pocket is available on one of the corners for carrying accessories, such as an extra battery or memory cards. Additionally, they only use touch fasteners on three corners, meaning no unwanted scratches on your gear.

Indigo Marble 19" Protective Camera Wrap

OP/TECH USA Soft Wraps

OP/TECH has long been known for making protective gear for photographic equipment, so it makes sense that the company has its own Soft Wraps on the market. Besides being made in the USA, these wraps have another benefit in that they come with a soft 5" pad that can be moved around to add more protection where needed. These 15" wraps are made from a soft polyethylene fabric and have touch-fastener tabs at each of the four corners.

OP/TECH USA 15" Soft Wrap