Half Cases for Film and Digital Cameras Let You Ditch the Camera Bag


Back in the day, if you wanted to protect your camera against dings and scratches, you either carried it in your bag or snapped it into an “Eveready” case. Eveready cases are two-part affairs consisting of a bottom half that wraps around the camera and a top portion that slings over the top of the camera and snaps closed, protecting it from the outside world.

The problems for me always started when I wanted to take a picture. Inevitably the top half would flop around and get in my way as I tried to compose a picture. Most people, myself included, ultimately detached the top half when out taking pictures and replaced it when they got home, hence the term “Never-ready” cases.

A good workaround for Eveready cases are half cases, which are basically the bottom halves of Eveready cases. They’ve been catching on fast, as of late, and they’re far slicker than their two-piece counterparts.

The Artisan & Artist LMB-M7 Half Case for Leica M6/M6TTL and M7, in black

Unlike the stiff leather common among old-style Eveready cases, many of today’s half cases are made of softer leather or high-grade polyurethane, which have a far more friendly, tactile feel to the touch. Half cases also come in colors other than the standard-issue black and brown choices of yesteryear.

Leica Protector for Leica Q Typ 116 Half Case (Red)
Fujifilm BLX-XPRO2 Leather Half Case for Fujifilm X-Pro2
MegaGear Leather Half-bottom Case for Sony Alpha a5100 (Light Brown)
MegaGear Leather Half-Bottom Camera Case for Leica TL2/TL (Forest Green)

Most Eveready cases have integrated straps, which means if you take the camera out of the case, the camera goes strapless. Depending on your personal preferences, this may or may not make you happy. This isn’t the case with half cases—if there’s a strap on your camera, it stays in place even when you remove the camera from its case.

The MegaGear Ever Ready Half Case for Sony Alpha A7S II, A7R II, and A7 II includes a matching strap.

Half cases designed for digital cameras allow you to access the battery and/or memory card without having to take the camera out of the case. Many feature grips that allow you to hold the camera more securely, and all half cases have non-abrasive inner linings to protect the finish of your camera. Many half cases are tripod friendly, and others come with matching straps.

The MegaGear MG957 Ever Ready PU Leather Half Case for the Fujifilm X-T10 and X-T20 features battery access and tripod threads. A lens-cleaning cloth is also included.

One last reason I like half cases is that they look good and, when your camera looks good, you’re more likely to take it along when you head out the door. They also make terrific (and quite affordable) holiday gifts.

Do you use half cases? If so, let us know what you like about them.

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I've had one in the past, for the little Fuji XF1. I liked it. I always (nearly always) used the full cases in the olden days, as you say the top bit gets in the way when you want to shoot. But I liked the fact that, for carrying the camera around, the lens was protected as well. What I did was take the top off and stow it when I started using the camera, and re-attach it for the walk or drive home. I would use this method again now, if these were available.