31-Day Photography Challenge for Everyone


Are your creative juices in need of a refill? Has photography gotten a bit stagnant for you? Don’t panic, it happens to all of us from time to time. Photographer and member of the B&H Photo Social Media Team Andrea Ortado created a fantastic 31-day “Photo of the Day Challenge” that should inspire any photographer to get out and capture great images over the course of a month. If you missed it on the B&H Photo Twitter feed, we’ve got you covered and please feel free to post your images on social media with #BHPhotoChallenge.

Are you looking for some photo fun? Are you ready for the challenge? Here are 31 days of photographic assignments that you can do over a 31-day period:

Days 1 - 15

Days 16 - 31

How did you do on the assignments? Are you interested in more creative exercises to get you motivated? Check out this list of 13 Creative Exercises, as well.

And, finally, what Photo of the Day Challenges would you add to this list of 31? Let us know in the Comments section, below. Thanks for being creative with us!


I'm newly returning to pursuing photography as a hobby after taking a break to earn my doctorate. Now I need photography to help me detox 😁. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I know this is an older post but just wanted to show some appreciation for the time spent to put this together. It's definitely a great way for someone to brush up on their skills!

And what do we do with the photos?  Are we supposed to post them here somewhere?

This exercise is meant to serve as a way to have fun and perhaps find some new inspiration for your photography so it can be as personal as you would like. If you want to be more involved with the community, we welcome you to share on social media and use the hashtag #BHPhotoChallenge

Hello Readers!

We have fixed the technical error and, for those looking for a text list to print and carry around, here it is!

Day 1 – Self Portrait
Day 2 – After Dark
Day 3 – Something Green
Day 4 – Patterns
Day 5 – Silhouette
Day 6 – In Your Bag
Day 7 – Your Inspiration
Day 8 – Close Up
Day 9 – Foliage
Day 10 – What Makes You Smile
Day 11 – Black & White
Day 12 – Afternoon Light
Day 13 – Low Angle
Day 14 – High Angle
Day 15 – Long Exposure
Day 16 – Texture
Day 17 – What You Love
Day 18 – Out of Place
Day 19 – A Quiet Moment
Day 20 - Reflections
Day 21 - Water
Day 22 - Laughter
Day 23 – Your Commute
Day 24 – A Doorway
Day 25 – A Picture of a Picture
Day 26 – A Sign
Day 27 - Lay Flat
Day 28 - Symmetry
Day 29 – Your Meal
Day 30 – Something You Learned
Day 31 – Whatever You Want

So, is this a case of not being able to count or titling your article wrong? 'Cause not even February is that short. Anyway, your article has been out for two months and it would be nice to get all 31 days the title promises. Thanks for a quick response!

Hey Jim,

I have no idea what happened to tiles 26-31, but I am looking into it immediately. Thanks for catching the error!

Maybe I'm missing something but it sure looks like there's only 25 assignments in the slides presented - also it would be nice to have it a list format that maybe we could print out to put in our bags

Hi Charles,

I will add a list to the bottom of the article so you can cut-and-paste and print...once I find the missing days!

Do you have a list of the 31 daily assignments in a single place?



Hi William,

I am working on a list now. Thanks!

Welcome! Sorry about the SNAFU on our end! :)

Thanks for reading Explora!