B&H Photo Does New York Fashion Week


Fashion Week in New York City. Runways. Beautiful people. Celebrities. Shopping. Did you know that B&H Photo has some very haute couture apparel items and accessories to keep you fashion-forward and looking sharp? Whether you are walking the runway, or covering it with your camera, B&H has something for every photo fashionista!

Without accessories, there is no fashion. French cuffs are always in; and they always need cuff links. Photography enthusiast? Try these on.

Forget touchscreen-friendly fingertips. Touch your device with any part of your hand. Plus, be the first on your runway with seamless gloves!

Brunton Heatsync Vital Under-Jacket Warmer
Warm your core while those in non-insulated cocktail dresses shiver. The Brunton Heatsync Warmer will keep you calm, cool, and poised.

Production Belts
Yeah, fanny packs were never really in fashion, unless you were on the ski patrol. These belt packs change that sentiment, even for skiers.

Audio Bag Rain Cover
This is as close as you are going to get to Joanna Cassidy's outfit in Blade Runner. Plus, it protects your harness-mounted gear from rain.

B&H Baseball Cap
The baseball cap was invented in New York, so the B&H version has historical significance. Multi-purpose. The perfect complement to any outfit.

Moog Ladder Filter Hoodie
Like a popular hair style, this Moog Ladder Filter hoodie is all business in the front, and party and wiring diagram in the back. High tech.

Head Lamps
Headlamps haven't really caught on yet, but trust B&H—they will. Catch the wave now, or be a fashion follower forever.

B&H Photo Video Logo T-Shirt
Sometimes fashion, in an attempt to drive revolution, goes too far. The basics are always in style. Nothing is more basic than a T-shirt.

Photo Vests and Jackets
Equally cool on the runway, or beside it. Nothing says, "I carry important stuff," and "serious photojournalist," like a photo vest. Nothing.

Trekking Poles
Only one accessory makes you look like you are swooshing the slopes of Aspen or climbing K2 while walking the runway: the trekking pole.

Hydration Packs
You cannot be fashionable if you are thirsty, no matter what you are sporting or at what after-hours party you find yourself. Stay hydrated.

Sachtler Rain Poncho
Rain at Fashion Week? This keeps you dry and still shows everyone what you have underneath! Or, protect your field gear from the elements.

Waist Packs
There is nothing worse in the fashion world than an inexpensive-looking, tiny fanny pack. If you are going to do a fanny pack, do it right.

Apparel and Collectibles
Many ideas for the hard-to-please photo fashionista!

Protective Eyewear
The Fashion Week sky is brightest when the sun is out. Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and paparazzi flashes with eye protection.

BrickHouse Security HD Hat Camera
Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your head while making an HD movie without using your hands. Yep, you can do that with this ball cap.

SCOTTeVEST Sterling Jacket for Men
For the photographic rebel with a cause, this bold jacket is designed for action. With 24 labeled pockets and a personal area network designed to guide wires and hold earbuds in place, it may be utilitarian, but you’ll look as cool as James Dean at the Griffith Observatory.