Socality x B&H, Bringing Creatives Together to Launch NYC Community


A bit of rain never hurt anyone, and on May 5, 2019, a group of creatives and photographers proved that it wasn’t going to stop them from getting together and taking photos during the first Socality Community Event in New York City, arranged in partnership with B&H. Scott Bakken, the founder of Socality, wants to connect people online and then turn that connection into face-to-face encounters. By expanding official communities into more locations and by hosting events, such as the photo walk and party from the other day, Bakken is hoping that many more people will be able to create real connections and take their own work up a notch.

Scott Bakken, founder of Socality, leads a group over the High Line during the photo walk through NYC.
Scott Bakken, founder of Socality, leads a group over the High Line during the photo walk through NYC.

What is Socality?

At its core, Socality is a creative community that brings all types of people together. Having its roots online and in social media, the easiest place to get started is by connecting to others online. You can also just jump right into a live, local event to make real connections. Where those connections go and what you want out of it can be just as varied as the people. So far, Socality has grown to incorporate educational events, fun community outings, a creative camp, leadership summits, and collective initiatives with the goal of engaging the community with the world around them. We all want to make the world a better place.

Many photographers came to the NYC Community Event to hang out, experience New York, and create images.

Having begun in Calgary, Canada, in 2014, and then quickly expanding into global events, founder Scott Bakken wants to go after the local communities and work from there. By building more communities that will hopefully become self-sustaining, more individuals can come together to effect change. Bakken has stated that he wants to focus on building relationships and that good relationships will naturally result in great content.

Event Recap

To launch the NYC Community, there seemed to be no better way than a guided photo walk to some of the most iconic locations in this wonderful city. Three groups were sent on their own journeys to cover three main spots, with all of them beginning at the B&H SuperStore. The three locations were the West Village, Wall St (Coenties Alley), and Chinatown. Most people—even those not from New York—should recognize those spots.

Each location had a frenzy of photographers working together to capture some fun images at these iconic spots.

The groups were given a few minutes to work together and find some awesome photos, something unexpectedly helped by early rain, providing a great look for the city. Another task available to attendees was to use a FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 9 to create a shot representative of New York City and share it. Instant cameras have always been fun and were another way for the photographers to flex their creative muscles. There was a huge mix of people at the event, each bringing their own ideas and skills to the shoots.

After spending some time at each of these locations, all those involved met up at a beautiful spot in the West Village for some food and drink. With (most) of the cameras away and some time to relax, people quickly starting talking and having fun. At the party, there was also live music from Dez Duron and Laney Lynx, providing great ambiance for the space. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

At the after party in the West Village, everyone gathered to eat, drink, and make connections.

If you want to check out some of the photos that NYC’s Creative Community was able to capture on this wet day, you can turn to Instagram under the hashtags #socalitynyc, #socality, and #bhphoto. Looking to join future events and meet other creatives here in New York? You can follow Socality and sign up on their New York City specific page or follow B&H Photo for a ton of other events and news.