Women of Influence: Elsa Garrison


Elsa Garrison is a New York-based staff photographer with Getty Images Sport. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Garrison began her career in 1996, with Allsport, in Los Angeles, which was acquired by Getty Images in 1998.


As a staff photographer, she has covered a wide variety of major sporting events, including the World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, World Soccer, the Summer and Winter Olympic games, the Kentucky Derby, and the Belmont Stakes. Her work has been internationally published on websites and in magazines such as The New York Times; Time; Sports Illustrated; ESPN The Magazine; the Los Angeles Times; the Chicago Tribune; and the Boston Globe. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and an adorable puppy. You can find her online by clicking here.

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Great interview. Keep moving forward Elsa as you have the right stuff and attitude. It's always motivating when an individual makes her or his mark in a competitive industry.

I've been an Elsa fan for along time because she's a great photographer who happens to be a female, not because she's a female who happens to be a great photographer. Her advice applies to ANYONE who want to do what she does. Why try to make a gender thisng out of it? She'd probably be the first to say "it's the work that counts, not the gender". Why are you tryin gto turn that around?

Elsa Garrison is indeed A One Good Photojournalist on Sports, from College Sports all the way to the Olympics. Garrison has did a Spectacular Work of doing Close Up Range and everything including the Super Bowl, the Summer and Winter Olmypics. Especially, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Keep up the Good Work, once and for all!!!

Well done interview. Elsa found he way into a very competitive field of sports photography. The creme always rises to the top. Kudos for B & H.

Elsa grew up in Brainerd Minnesota Worked with myself at the Brainerd Dispatch Newspaper. She chose to buy lenses instead of replacing her worn out shoes 

Steve Kohls

Photograper at the Brainerd Dispatch 

p.s. I still think she owes me 75cents for a bag of peanuts at a ball game