Carry and Protect Your Camera with Miggo, Your Best Amigo


Ditch your camera bag, and carry your camera using a new line of creative camera straps from miggo that transform seamlessly into protective cases. Made for hikers, street photographers, and explorers, the miggo Strap & Wraps meld the convenience of a strap and camera wrap into one innovative design. When you’re finished shooting, you just throw your miggo swiftly into your messenger bag or backpack, and continue on your adventure.

There are Strap & Wraps for DSLRs, Mirrorless, or Super-Zoom Cameras, and 10x42 Binoculars. They function like a neck or cross-body strap, but quickly zip up to transform into a padded case around your camera. The miggo Strap & Wrap for 10x42 binoculars accommodates most Roof and Porro Prism binocular designs, and features a strap that allows you to wear your binoculars while they’re inside the protective miggo. They can then be dropped safely into your backpack or suitcase. The miggo Grip & Wrap DSLRs and the Grip & Wrap for Mirrorless or Compact Systems Cameras function like a wrist strap, but then quickly transform into padded protection, preventing scratches and damage.  


Designed for both right- and left-handed shooters, both the Strap & Wraps and the Grip & Wraps are made from high-quality neoprene foam rubber and Lycra. They attach to your camera’s ¼"-20 tripod mount by way of a steel screw, which features another ¼"-20 mount, allowing you to attach your camera to a tripod without removing the miggo. For your ultimate convenience, your miggo also features a dedicated slip pocket to store a lens cap.


The miggos are featured in seven fun colors or patterns, including Black, Black and Blue, Black and Red, Pebble Road, Royal Wings, Zebra Nation, and Space Zoo, while the Strap & Wrap for your Binoculars is available in either Camo or Black.


For the perfect fit while attaching your mirrorless or compact systems camera to the corresponding miggo, make sure your camera is no wider than 4.7 inches, and is between 8.7 and 14.2 inches in circumference. You can measure the circumference of your camera by starting at the back of the camera body and going around the front of the lens to the back. When considering the miggo for your DSLR, make sure your camera is no wider than 5.5 inches, and is between 11.8 and 19.7 inches in circumference.


The miggo Strap & Wraps and Grip & Wraps allow you to forgo carrying around a big and bulky bag, making it more convenient to take out your camera and get that shot.



If you click on any of the images of the straps above, it will take you to that strap’s page on our site where you can find current pricing.  You would also be able to add the strap to your cart from there.

cost???.... I want to buy one


i have a SonyNEX7 and would like to try a Miggo. My brother has a Nikon 7000, uses a300 mm lens and has a birthday coming soon how can we try them out?



At the end of this article is a section entitled "Items Discussed in this Article" where we display the various types of Miggo cases being offered.  You may then click on any of the options to view their product links on our website.  The first is for compact mirrorless cameras and would be the appropriate option for your Sony NEX7 camera, and the second is for DSLRs.  The DSLR option however may not accomodate your brother's lens (it would fit on his D7000 with more standard type lenses).  The Nikon 70-300mm/55-300mm and 300mm fixed focal lenses would all likely be too large to use with this type of wrap.  If you purchased and were not completely satisfied with the fit, you would have 30 days from the purchase date to set up a return/exchange.

You may use this link to view the My Miggo options we currently have available in our inventory.  To place an order for one of the items, you may simply click the blue "Add To Cart" button on our website next to the item you wish to purchase, then you can click the "View Cart" button, either enter your ZIP code or choose your country from the drop-down menu under the "Calculate Shipping & Tax" section on our website, choose your shipping option, then click the "Begin Checkout" button and fill out the on-screen information and click the "Place Order" button to place your order.

Wow!  I thought I'd found exactly what I was looking for ... a WIDE cross-body strap that would actually be comfortable.  And then I saw that my camera (Canon 6D), with the lenses I use most .... are too big for the miggo.  Very disappointed!  Maybe when the miggo becomes super successful, a new version can be designed to handle the bigger cameras/lenses.  :)

For the D5300, the DSLR cover is the proper version to opt for.  Below is the link to all of the various style options we offer on this version for you to regard.

Will this work for the Canon 5D mark III?  I love the idea!

Unfortunately no, the current options are designed for smaller units (5.5" wide and smaller) and the 5D Mk III happens to be 6" wide.  Hopefully they will release larger models for larger DSLRs in the future, but no options currently.



I live in Brazil and I would like to know the cost to buy it.

Below is a link to all of the Miggo strap options we offer on our webstie.  Once you found one you prefer, click on the "Add to Cart" button where you may then calculate the shipping options and order total.



great idea for roaming camera


Will or do they make one of these for longer lenses (like, just a 300 mm lense by itself?) ?   All in all seems like a great idea, I use my DSLR while out on my motorcycle, and looks to be a great way of keeping it ready for a quick spur of the moment type opportunities, while at the same time keeping it bertter protected, as it normally rides in my tank bag.  

They design them to accomodate a mid-size DSLR with a mid-size type of lens.  If the "300mm" lens you are referring to is a fixed focal 300mm type len, such as a Nikon 300mm f4 for example, no this would not fit.  If you have something like an 18-300mm lens or 28-300mm lens it would accomodate something like those lenses.

The miggo looks like it could be a great product.  I would love to get one, but when I measured the circumference of my Canon 70D, it is just over 20" with an 18-135mm lens attached, so it won't work for me. Can you make it a bit bigger?  My camera isn't even a full frame camera.

Très inventif, comode et raffiné.

Quel prix est ce courroie?

Is it available in Mumbai, India????? 

What is Cost???? Is it suitable for Nikon Full Frame Camera??

The Strap and Wrap is compatible with any DSLR camera that is no wider than 5.5" (14 cm), and is between 11.8 and 19.7" (30 and 50 cm) in circumference. Circumference is measured from the back of the camera body, around the front of the lens and back.  If your full frame Nikon camera falls within those specs, it would be compatible with the Strap and Wrap.

B&H does ship internationally, and can ship many of the items we carry to India.  Shipping times would depend on the shipping method that you chose.  If you add the item to your cart, on the right hand side of the page there is a shipping calculator.  Once you enter in the country of destination, the various shipping options, along with their respective costs and shipping times, will be revealed.


Cuando estará a la venta? tiene precios?



Al final de este artículo es una sección titulada " los temas discutidos en este artículo " . Allí podrás ver todas las opciones para este y , cuando vea la que usted está interesado, puede hacer clic en la imagen de la misma, que luego le llevará al enlace del producto para que en nuestro sitio web, donde encontrará el precio , los detalles y el costo de envío , etc.

I want one.  I have an Older Cannon OIS - will it work for that one?

Hi Michelle -

They attach to your camera’s ¼"-20 tripod.  So if your DSLR camera has this feature (most do), then it should work for you.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions: [email protected]    >Mark<                                                                                                                                 

After you wrap the camera with the Strap and Wrap, don't you then have to put it into a camera bag? So how do you get rid of the camera bag?

Theres a couple ways to look at that Ted. You do still need somewhere to stow your camera but you have more options with their strap because it protects the camera. You could just throw it in a backpack or messenger bag which is likely lighter than your camera bag with all your extra gear in it. It seems to me that this product is a more functional version of the Crumpler camera pouches, not a total bag replacement solution. The wording is misleading. 

Hi Ted -

The Miggo is really intended to replace a the bulk of a small bag, offering lightweight protection when the camera is not being used and quick access when you need it.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions: [email protected] 

The version for Mirrorless and Compact System cameras would best suit the Olympus E-PM2 camera.  See the following link for details on all the options available in that fit:

Where can I buy one for a mirrorles Olympus e-pm2?