Hands-On Review: Bescor FP-500KB 1,000W Bi-Color LED 2 Studio Light


Bescor has been around since 1981, providing photographers and especially filmmakers with video-related products, eventually battery power and, now, LED lighting for wedding, event, and other location shooters. The hallmark of the company’s products has been, from the beginning, a marriage of affordability and quality with gear for everyone, from weekend shooters to full-time professionals.


The FP-500KB 2-Light Bi-Color LED Kit is a perfect case in point. Made for the studio or the road, the kit is built around two 11 x 12" FP-500 Bi-Color panels. Each light includes a swiveling stand mount, multi-voltage power supply, a sealed lead-acid battery in its own shoulder case, universal charger and two lightweight 6', non-reflective black light stands.   


Pulling it out of the box by its built-in handle, you can immediately see that convenience is going to be a theme throughout the design of this light. To begin with, it's only 1-3/8" in depth; thin enough to squeeze into tight places where larger lights just can't go. And the LEDs emit virtually no heat, which means that you can get really close to your subject when you have to—or have no choice.  


Instead of requiring you to choose between a 3200K tungsten-balanced light or a 5500K daylight-balanced fixture and fumbling with filters when changing locations, Bescor wraps the two lights into one, by using 252 tungsten- and 252 daylight- balanced 5mm LEDs. Each 252 LED group has its own dimming control for dialing in any color balance in between 3200-5500K on the fly, while simultaneously adjusting the light intensity. And this is a bright light—the equivalent of a 500W halogen studio flood fixture, but unlike the halogen fixture, the FP-500 consumes just 0.3A of current. In fact, while you could run three 500W hot lights on a standard 15A household outlet, you could literally run 45 FP-500s from the same source. And the Bescor light’s low (make that no) generated heat means that you could outfit an entire studio with them and barely nudge up your AC cost for an extremely fast return on your investment.  


The kit's multi-voltage AC adapters mean that you can use the lights virtually anywhere in world where there's electricity. Outlets scarce? No problem; Bescor's got you covered between pit stops in civilization with the inclusion of a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid Battery) and charger for each light. While there are a number of battery types out there, each with its strong points, lead acid batteries, while a little heavier, have been produced for more than 100 years, are very tolerant to over-charging, deliver high current and have a good shelf  life. They even recycle well.         


With a number of professional and convenience features, versatility, and worldwide use capability, the cost-effective FP-500KB 1,000W Bi-Color LED Two-Light Battery Kit from Bescor is a savvy choice for today's videographer or photographer.


To see more of the LED lights in the Bescor 500 Series, click this link.


These are two lights each approx 500W. What ;is the light output for different color temperature output adjustments for each one?

Unfortuntately, Bescor does not list the photometrics of the Bescor FP-500K Bi-Color LED light fixture.  They state the unit has the equivalent output of a 500 watt tungsten light, but they do not list the lumens/lux outupt at specific color temperatures.  I would recommend contacting Bescor directly with your question either by e-mailing them at [email protected] or calling them toll-free at 1-800-645-7182 for assistance with the above inquiry.