Pelican ProGear™ Elite Luggage : Enjoy the Adventure


Pelican is ready to take you on an adventure—any adventure you may have in mind. After protecting sensitive technologies for the military, police, and firefighters for decades, Pelican is now ready to deliver its fantastic hardside luggage cases to you—watertight, crushproof, and guaranteed for life.

Extremely durable for any weather or any situation, yet decidedly lightweight, Pelican Elite cases provide everything you need in luggage. There are three sizes: the 22" Elite Carry-On, the 27" Elite Weekender, and the 30" Elite Vacationer. Each size has an Enhanced Travel System option, and is available in Gray with Black, Gray with Blue, Gray with Orange, Gray with Purple, Gray with Red, and Plum with Black.

Travel with confidence... and with whatever fragile items you wish to bring along; this includes camera gear. Everything is sure to be protected. All of these hardside cases come with recessed press-and-pull latches, which keep the cases tightly and securely closed. These latches are easier and more effective than zippers that can easily tear or break. Each case also includes a TSA-approved combination lock and Pelican's time-tested locking latch for protecting your valuables inside. Three carry handles—on the top, bottom, and side—are heavy duty, made of stainless steel, but also offer a soft, durable, comfortable rubber grip. These three handles are also recessed, with a lay-flat design that keeps them out of harm's way yet easily accessible. The retractable pulling handle is easy to extend with the press of a button, so you can pull your bag behind you with ease and comfort, especially on the custom-designed, smooth-rolling wheels. The handle location maximizes the interior space, which is ample for whatever gear or personal items you need to bring along (in whichever size you choose).

Made of high-impact polymer and reinforced with a watertight O-ring seal, these hardside luggage cases should handle everything you meet on your adventure, even water. An automatic pressure equalization valve vents each interior, also blocking moisture. Stainless-steel hardware adds to each case's durability. These cases have been thoroughly tested and, with a double-wall polypropylene with polycarbonate trim, can withstand extreme loads up to 1,500 pounds. Each case has passed a submergence test for one hour at a depth of one meter (three feet) and a free-fall impact test with up to 25 pounds of weight. In addition to all of these amazing feats, the 27-inch Elite Weekender and the 30-inch Elite Vacationer cases also pass all airline checked-baggage regulations (less than 62 inches) and the 22-inch Elite Carry-On case passes all airline carry-on regulations (less than 45 inches).

The Enhanced Travel System options have all the features and qualities of the regular cases with some bonuses. The Enhanced Travel System for each 27" Elite Weekender and each 30" Elite Vacationer includes a removable pack system: a detachable lid organizer with two spacious, zippered pockets; a Dopp-style toiletry kit; a zippered shoe sack; a laundry bag; and a garment bag. The Enhanced Travel System for each 22" Elite Carry-On includes a detachable lid organizer with two spacious, zippered pockets; a Dopp-style toiletry kit; and a zippered shoe sack.

Enjoy your next adventure without worrying about the items in your luggage. Let Pelican Elite cases handle everything.