B&H Prospectives: Sports Photography with Al Bello


In this B&H Prospectives video sports photographer Al Bello discusses his approach to sports photography. Some of the topics he talks about include the physical and logistical demands of photographing sports events, the gear he uses, the art of anticipating the precise moment to press the shutter button, his use of color, and the realities of travel sports photography in terms of one’s personal life.  


A great summary without a lot of unnecessary fluff. Tthe main takeaway for me is learn by doing!

Awesome photography Al - and I don't give those sort of compliments lightly. Also a really nice little video, direct and to the point with some great insights. Thanks for sharing. 

One of the best interviews I've seen. He nailed it when he said dedication and sacrifice. For the past 30 years I've been crew, a producer and now director in TV commercial production. In the past three years the opportunity for me to take my passion, still photography, to the professional level has arisen. And boy is it tough. I've shot five Indycar and IMSA races and the words practice and preparedness are understatements. I also agree with him that studying the other work of photographers you like, is a great way to get inspired and try new ways to shoot. But with all the dedication, sacrifice and investment comes the payoff; standing next to the guardrail with cars going by at 200mph, being in the middle of pit stops, or taking portraits of the worlds most famous drivers is a privilege that only a select group get to experience.

Thanks for watching the video and commenting, Damien!


Dedication and sacrifice. He sure nailed the qualifications. Anyone who pursues this vocation will do just that.

The motivation is the love of the Art Form.  We just love doing what we do...