The Art of Intuitive Photography


In this B&H Event Space video, Mindy Véissid, author of the new book The Art of Intuitive Photography, discusses the life path that led her to become a photographer and creator of her unique brand of workshops, which emphasize making pictures from the heart rather than the head. In The Art of Intuitive Photography, Véissid guides the reader in how to pay attention to feelings, be mindful of the present moment, and to experience rather than execute photographs. Over the course of this presentation, she outlines key features of her book and shows images created in an intuitive moment.


Your direction appears similar to a comment made by Minor White in James Danzinger and Barnaby Conrad, Interviews with Master Photographers. Paddington Press Ltd. 1977.  Minor White comments there on Boleslavsky’s “Six Lessons in Acting”: I used it extensively for the simple reason that it was the best source available on how to approach a creative aspect of something to get ready to do it.  Meditation, is involved and this book provides the fundamental approach to something, which means you prepare yourself to do something you set out to do.  You don’t just tear into it." 

Minor also observed that Creative Photography includes Craftsmanship of Technique, Craftsmanship of Design, and Craftsmanship of Feeling.  Few artists and photographers embody them all in their work.  Most excell in one element.

i loved the presentation

the key messages are universal and not restricted to photography and being natural and trying to know who you are is the way of realisation of self or God