Video: FocusED on the Basics of Sensor Size


Welcome to FocusED, a series of short and entertaining videos on general photography topics from B&H Photo. In this series, we will cover specific areas of photography in an easy-to-understand, amusing fashion that is perfect for the beginner photographer just entering the world of photography, or for the seasoned shooter looking to brush up on the basics and have a few laughs on the way.

FocusED is focused on education, and these videos are a perfect place to help form a solid foundation for exploring your world with a camera.

In this week’s video, FocusED introduces the photographer to the often confusing world of digital camera sensor size. We tackle megapixel counts, crop factor, and the crew adds some humor, too!


Watched both videos on this page on my 5K iMac at full screen — looked razor sharp to me. Maybe you need to check things on your end?

What Happened? Playback just stopped in middle and wouldn't restart.

Fom my perspective your FocusEd series hits my sweet spot for multimedia recording tech info sharing. I started in photography in the early 60's as a high school annual photographer with a school reflex then on to a vintage Leica in college, then Canon Pelix, F-1 with UW housing, Nikonos V, Sony 8mm, Hi8 and Digital 8 camcorders with Amphibico housing and have finally and happily settled on a legacy Nikon F2, a second vintage Leica and bevy of Lumix Micro Four Thirds (with a Metabones Nikor adaptor and a T mount adaptor) and Lumix Point and Shoot cameras, including the sweet LX7 And the TS25 for snorkeling. B&H is always my first stop for multimedia recording resources. Keep up the great customer service folks ! 

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for watching, Kevin!

I agree with the others about the out of focus "Focus" video! It would be a great idea to actually be able to see what Larry is referring to when he is showing various things, heck, it would be great to see anything on this video, besides totally blurry images of everything!

Hope you fix this problem of maybe you planned it that way! Either way, I probably won't take the time next time I get an email of this nature with topics such as this! ...



Hi Gene,

I just checked with our video team and the issue is likely with a slow internet speed causing the video to get played at a reduced resolution at your end. We are currently not experiencing any issues here. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Ha, for the first few seconds, I thought that the people at B&H were attempting a little "out of Focus" humor with the out of focus introduction. This will be a great series once they correct the focus on their "FocusED" video.

Hi Mike,

I just checked with our video team and the issue is likely with a slow internet speed causing the video to get played at a reduced resolution at your end. All is in focus here! Thanks!

Viideo very out of focus on my HP running XP and Firefox.

Hi Alan,

Everything is good on our end. It could be an internet speed issue on your end. Sorry for any inconvenience!

I just finished watching on my Dell running WIN 7. Sound and picture crisp and clear. Content was pretty good, too.

Thanks for letting us know, Steve! Glad you enjoyed it!

Focus is out, on my iMac running OSX 10.10.3

Hi Cyril,

All is operational on our end. It may be an internet speed issue on your end. Good luck!