What's in my Camera Bag? - Jeff Cable


In this B&H Event Space video, photographer Jeff Cable talks about the contents of his camera bag. He discusses his choice of cameras, the lenses he uses, and why he uses them. He also discusses all of the peripheral items he packs along, based on what he’s shooting and to what his destination his assignments take him.



Never leave the Maha charge unattended, I had one literally melt down one night.

Great video/presentation- so much more than just "what's in your bag"... great stuff!  Really appreciate the willingness to share!

Curious though- all the best equipment basically... and the original 70-200 IS lens, rather than the II version?  Did I miss the explanation of why?

Again, thank you!

Photographers don’t always update their lenses don’t become outdated as quickly as a camera.  That being said, I don’t know why Jeff Cable might have stuck with the first version of the 70-200mm IS.  You might try reaching out to him through his website to see what his thoughts are on sticking with the early version of the lens.