Sony Alpha a7S III Delivers Next-Generation Video




What is the best Circular Polarizers & ND Filters for my Sony a7s3 with the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens? Also the best accessories for the camera? I’m a film student that is on a tight budget, please advise? Include the camera bags and slings as well.

Hi Ralph - 
The B+W 77mm XS-Pro Kaesemann High Transmission Circular Polarizer MRC-Nano Filterhelps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface. The light from the sun naturally becomes partially polarized due to reflecting off electrons in air molecules, causing the light to scatter into what appears as haze. A polarizing filter arranges, and filters, this directionally polarized light perpendicularly to the reflected light, allowing for the absorption of much of this light. This results in a noticeable reduction of glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces and an increase in the saturation of skies and foliage.


Any news when the camera will be on sale?

Does the a7sIII do frame grabs from the video like the gh5?  Saving frames of the video in camera and sending them to your phone via WiFi?

Unfortunately, the A7S III does not offer the option for screen grabs internally. 

For anyone wondering, if you pre ordered even the first day on July 28th you may not receive your camera until November or later. I was told mine would ship Oct 12th, yesterday, and after contacting them today they are saying November. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't shipped until 2021 since they can't keep their word. All this to say, order from anywhere else if you are putting in a pre order now.

Yeah, been there. i called the day before September 24th to ask is there enough camera will be in stock and ship at 24th, they says all looking good....And here’s we are, and call it in today, they say mine will be around end of October. Ha, idk

Hi, I was trying to reach the service deparment by phone, chat, email but there is impossible to reach anybody except a robot. I preorder my A7SIII the same day that the camera was released, it was supposed to be shipped Sep 24, still is sep 29 and I have no idea when I can get the camera that I was counting for my projects, also Holidays are coming for B&H for an entire week, when I can espect my camera?

We're very sorry that you weren't able to reach us. While the A7S III is on order, we do not have an updated ETA today, nor do we have any information regarding the amount of pieces we will receive.  As with all items we carry, back-ordered item like this are filled first in the order that they are received. We hope to have your order filled soon and we will e-mail you once the order has definitely shipped. Again, we're very sorry.

Does anyone know if the external HDMI 4k 60p limit is bound to the HDMI port on the camera or is it because of the limitations of the atomos ninja V? Is the HDMI port on the camera capable of exporting 4k 120p? Trying to decide if I should get a ninja V or wait till their next model which might be able to do 4k 120p. 

Hi Norberto,

This is a little bit of guesswork, but the a7S III is reported to have an HDMI 2.1 port, which in theory can handle up to 4K at 120p. However, raw video is outside the normal spec for HDMI, meaning that it still may be limited to 4K 60p for raw recording no matter what. Depends on exactly why you want to output 120p, but there may not be an extreme benefit to do so even if it does become possible. The a7S III can record 120p internally while outputting a 60p signal though, which is something to keep in mind if you are trying to make a decision now as you can use an external monitor. Also, while understandable to want to wait, it is extremely hard to tell when/if a new version is going to be released in the future. (I know, I'm still hoping for that 4K Ninja Star).

Hello, I preordered the A7Siii with the memory card kit and the time I preordered, expected shipping date was 9/23, then I see on the 2nd comment below that expected is 9/24. Any updates if the preorder was made back on August 7? Just wondering, B&H has always been good to me. Thank you.

Hello Cj C.

Unfortunately, the A7S III has not yet shipped and we're anxiously awaiting our first delivery.  While we do not have an ETA we can offer at this time, we will e-mail you as soon as your order has shipped on our end.  We're very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and we appreciate your business.

I have a question about adapting Canon full frame lenses. The A7SIII no longer supports 4K crop mode (APS-C). I have a lot of full frame Canon glass that I'd like to adapt for video (though to be honest autofocus etc its not a concern, so it can be a smart or "dumb" adapter), but what I know about most EF to E adapters is that they don't project a full frame image circle, only an APS-C image circle. With the A7SIII no longer supporting full resolution crop modes, is there ANY adapter out there that will get full frame Canon glass onto the A7SIII in full 4K? Again, doesn't need to be a speed booster or smart adapter, just needs to project a full frame image circle. 

Hi Aimee,

Actually, most Canon EF to Sony E adapters are full-frame compatible these days. For proper functionality you will need a "smart" adapter since most Canon glass requires electronic communication for aperture control (unless you have third-party manual lenses). Two commonly recommended options are the Metabones T Smart Adapter or Sigma MC-11. A more affordable option would be the Vello Auto Lens Adapter. If you actually don't need a smart adapter you can get something like the Fotodiox Mount Adapter.

This is not something an adapter can fix.  The A7SIII does not allow 4K recording in the APS-C or Super 35mm Cropped Mode.  This is simply a limitation of the camera.

I already pre-ordered. When will it ship? More or less.

We are expecting to begin shipping the camera on September 24. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change and that other factors, such as quantity received, can impact actual delivery times. We want you to get your camera as much as you do! But, we don’t have control over everything unfortunately.

How many seconds per gb would you estimate the 16bit raw 4k 60 to be?

As an estimate, 3-6 seconds per GB for 4K 60. I’m basing this guess off the data rates of 4K ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ. ProRes RAW uses variable bitrates so it can fluctuate depending on your subject.

Are we able to import LUTs onto the new a7siii for image preview?

No unfortunately you cannot use custom LUTs on the a7S III. There are built-in Gamma Display Assists for the standard Log and HDR profiles though.

Please tell me this is a joke with only 12mp sensor? For the price I can get a FijiFilm GFX50R

Would you say the same about an Arri Alexa at 7.5mp??? Bigger pixels are better than more pixels. It can be used for huge prints as well if you know what your doing.

Lower resolution sensors offer numerous benefits, especially for video recording and low-light performance. The a7S III is intended for these roles. Sony has developed the a7R IV for high-resolution still imaging applications.

This camera isn't for you if you don't understand that 12mp for video is ideal. 

Does it record 4K DCI? I have not seen any info to that effect.

It will not record DCI 4K. The closest you could get is the raw output which is 4264 x 2408 (still 16:9 ratio) and then crop/down sample into a DCI timeline. This would be the only way to do so without upscaling.

Why is it so much cheaper for me as a European to order it from you guys with all the taxes and import fees than buying it from a german store? It would cost me around 1000$ less to order it from B&H.

I am sorry, but we cannot speak to why other stores outside of the USA would charge in a different way than us.

Three questions! First, how does the autofocus in video using a metabones or sigma MC-11 with ef lenses compare to using native E lenses? This is a worry as I've seen its very laggy on other sony cameras.  Second, using the 422 10 bit codecs in 1080 and 4k, how long can you record per gig (or per 100 gigs if thats easier to measure). I'm trying to estimate how much media I'll need.  Lastly, I see all codecs can record to SD card except for 4k 120P. What is the minimum level of SD card needed to record 422 10bit in 4k? Thanks!

We won’t know 100% about performance, but I would guess it is similar to performance on other recent Sony releases. Perhaps the FX9 if you can find some tests out there.

The codecs are getting quite heavy at those frame rates and keep in mind my guesses here are estimates based on the goal bitrates. Go for bigger cards if you can, with 128GB being safe. Personally I think XAVC HS is the best mix of quality and compression, but the H.265 encoding is tougher on computers.

- 4K 24p 10-bit in XAVC S or XAVC HS is 100 Mb/s, which is about 1 min 20 seconds per GB.

- 4K 120p 10-bit in XAVC S or XAVC HS is 280 Mb/s, which is about 30 seconds per GB.

- 4K 60p 10-bit in XAVC S-I is 600 Mb/s, which is just under 15 seconds per GB.

- Full HD 24p 10-bit is much lighter, starting at 50 Mb/s and going up to about 222 Mb/s, which will be 2 min 40 second to about 45 seconds per GB, depending on your modes.

You’ll need a V60-rated SD card to record 4K 120p 10-bit 4:2:2 in XAVC S or XAVC HS. You will need a V90-rated SD card for the same settings in XAVC S-I (intraframe). Or, if you opt to use the Slow & Quick Motion mode specifically with the XAVC S-I option you will need CFexpress Type A.

Hi, does the a7siii work with Sony SMAD-P3 MI Shoe Adaptor, to allow my 2 radio mics to go to the A7siii audio channels?

There should be no problem using the Sony SMAD-P3 on the a7S III.

Can I use a regular SD card like Sandisk Extreme Pro (170MB/s) to record 4K 120p in 10-bit 4:2:2? Thank you!

Unfortunately no. You will need a card that is rated at least V60 for 4K120 10-bit 4:2:2 in XAVC HS, though V90 is necessary for the higher bitrate (XAVC S-I) options and CFexpress is required for Slow & Quick Motion 4K120 using XAVC S-I. 

The reason for this is that stated memory card speeds are theoretical peak maximums. This means the card might be able to hit that top speed but it may not be able to sustain it. V## ratings, such as V60 and V90, are actual minimum sustained speed ratings. That means it will be able to maintain writing at at least 60 MB/s or 90 MB/s, critical for high-frame-rate video recording. CFexpress Type A is faster than SD all around so all of those cards will work with all modes.

For budget shooters the Rokinon you found is likely to be a great manual focus ultra-wide lens for the a7S III.

I am wondering if the auto focus will work with Canon EF lenses on it. Will the a7s ii metabones work for the a7s iii or are they making a new one for the autofocus feature. 

Metabones has made many of their electronic adapters updateable and have released firmware to fix bugs and add compatibility. I would suspect the adapter will work well already but may require a firmware update for perfect compatibility.

Wondering if when outputting to an eternal source like the Atomos Ninja V does the screen still go black and just show settings like my a7III and FS5 M2? This drives me nuts as sometimes I want to let my director use the Atomos for viewing but can't as I don't have a monitor to work with myself. 


When using the clean HDMI output you will still have full use of the a7S III’s touchscreen, including a live view image. In my testing, the one instance where it turned off was when I output the unclean signal with all the menu items and info displayed on it. Not sure why that is that way. But for traditional video purposes where you’ll use clean HDMI anyway you will not lose a thing.

This has Clean HDMI Out - correct?  

Yup! It can do 10-bit 4:2:2 output in 4K up to 60p. It can also output a 4K 16-bit raw signal up to 60p with compatible external recorders, such as the Atomos Ninja V.

Just above these comments you list the VG-C4EM Vertical Grip as a top accessory. Now if you go to the A7siii product page it lists the VG-C3EM Vertical Grip as a compatible accessory... I was even told in the Q&A by Staff that it was the latter... Can you clarify? I'd really like to purchase the right one but this is getting confusing. Thanks!


We actually noticed this earlier and the changes should be made very very soon. Sony listed the newer VG-C4EM as the compatible grip.

Super impressed with the specs! Loving what I learn so far with the camera but I have one super important question, since this is a video centric hybrid camera, like the Panasonic S1H, will this have the option to change the shutter system from 'Shutter Speed' to 'Shutter Angle'? I'm more familiar using SA than SS.

It does not currently have a shutter angle function. A couple people actually suggested this as a feature to Sony during our live events yesterday.

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