Sony Xperia PRO 5G Smartphone




Question 2: What is the quality of the photos taken on the Xperia Pro 5G? Can it record photos in a RAW mode? Is there a way to record a RAW & JPEG simultaneously like in a Canon or Lumix Camera? And as far as detail, do the sensors on the XPERIA Pro capture as much detail as the Lumix or iPhone 12 cameras?

Hi Griffith - 

IMAGE CAPTURE FORMAT: JPEG, RAW (but not simultaneously).
The sensors and lenses are spectacular. Sony is offering a far more brilliant, higher resolution screen that will display tens of millions more colors, a more advanced CPU, and more RAM  for starters. We have not made a side-by-side comparison but we would expect broadcasters and filmmakers to prefer the Sony Xperia PRO, if their budgets allow.

Here's the first Question: What is the choice of bitrates for the video files? On the iPhone Mavis, I can shoot 100mbs, 50mbs, 25mbs & 15mbs in 4K, 2K & 1080p. These files are all 8 bit or 10 bit depending on the color space. Does the Xperia PRO 5G offer these same bit rates and color space or even greater values?

Hi Griffith - 

Here is what SONY has published so far:


HDMI micro port (Type D)27 input: (YCbCr 4:2:2 8bit / RGB 8bit), 3840x2160 (60p/30p/24p)28, 1920x1080 (60p/30p) 28, 1280x720 (60p), 720x480 (60p), 640x480 (60p)

What is the Sensor Size of the rear camera? can it record 4k Raw?

Hi Hemant-

Wide: 12 MP 1/1.7” Sensor with a 24mm f/1.7 Lens (82° FoV)
Telephoto: 12 MP 1/3.4" Sensor with a 70mm f/2.4 Lens (34° FoV)
Ultra Wide: 12 MP 1/2.6" Sensor with a 16mm f/2.2 Lens (124° FoV)
Wide: 8 MP 1/4" Sensor with a f/2.0 Lens (84° FoV)


Will this only work with Sony cameras or can it be used as a monitoring display for Nikon or Canon mirrorless cameras? 

Will B&H do a 4K video in-depth review of this Sony Xperia Pro?

Love to see how this claimed, "HDR monitor" compares with the Sony professional HDR studio monitors!

I'd love to test this out when it's available. Love Sony! <3