Strobe Lighting for Your Studio Photography Needs


When it comes to photography, lighting is key. Although getting the perfect lighting for your studio shoot can be frustrating, it doesn’t have to be. From figuring out your lighting settings to working with multiple lights together—and everything in between—let B&H’s five-part “Strobe Lighting” Series for beginners illuminate you on everything you need to know about studio lighting. 

What Are Studio Strobe Lights? (and How Do They Work?)

In the first video of our "Strobe Lighting" Series, watch and learn as David Flores teaches you studio strobe basics, such as different types of studio strobes, watt seconds, lighting settings, and when to use strobe lights. What's the difference between pack and head, monolight, and battery-powered strobe lights? Keep watching to learn more about studio lighting for beginners!

How to Sync Studio Strobe Lights with Your Camera

In the second part of our "Strobe Lighting" Series, we teach you how to balance flash and camera settings, how to trigger wireless studio strobes, and more. We also answer the questions: Do you need a DSLR or mirrorless camera? Does your camera have a sync port or a hot shoe? Do you need a wire to sync, or can you use a wireless sync system and remote trigger? How do you know when your camera is synced to your strobe light? What is the difference between TTL and manual? What is HSS? Make sure to watch to get all these answers, and more.

How to Use ONE Strobe Light WITHOUT Modifiers

In the third part of our "Strobe Lighting" Series, David Flores shows you indoor and outdoor studio lighting setups for portrait photography. You'll also learn strobist photography techniques, such as camera settings to balance studio strobe light with ambient light.

How to Shape Studio Strobe Lights with a Modifier

Which light modifier is right for you? In this fourth video, David Flores continues our “Strobe Lighting” Series by demonstrating the different types of light modifiers, such as bounced light, softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, grids, colored gels, and snoots. These strobist photography techniques will take your studio lighting to new dimensions!

How to Use Multiple Strobe Lights

In this fifth and final video of the "Strobe Lighting" Series, we discuss working with multiple strobe lights simultaneously. David Flores shows you two-point lighting, how to substitute a secondary light source, the difference between a key light and fill light, and lighting ratios when using studio strobe lights. We hope you've enjoyed this series on studio strobe lighting for beginners!

Need Help Selecting a Light

Subject and style may vary, but consistency is a quality shared by all successful photo studios. When working indoors, that begins with lighting. Strobes remain the bread and butter of many still photography studios. Unlike natural light, which can be finicky and unpredictable; on-camera flashes, which are not typically designed for studio use; or continuous lights, which can become costly as output increases, strobes are built to withstand the rigors of studio life while providing flexible and powerful light.

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