Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani: B&H Prospectives


In this episode of B&H Prospectives, we take a look at the vision and workflow of professional food photographer and director Andrew Scrivani. The video begins with an introduction to Scrivani's background and the events that led to his working in the food-photography world. From here, Scrivani talks about some of the technical aspects of his work, including lighting styles and his sources of inspiration, as well as his learning process and how he overcomes challenges, from shooting to post production.




Producer and Director: Jessica Lugo
Camera and Crew: Robert Sansivero
Executive Producer: Mark Zuppe

Executive Producer & Series Creator: Kelly Mena




Thank you Jill, Very much appreciated. 

Our pleasure Robert. Thanks for reading/viewing!

I loved the video and was most impressed with the lighting.  I would like to know some of the tecknical aspects. What camera was it shot on, what was the recording format,  and what lenses were used? I hope you can share these details witth me. 





Hi Robert thanks for your question and for the compliment about this video. It was shot on Canon Markii. Lens 70 –200mm , 50mm, 24-105mm. As for lighting, the video team made sure to use the window source as the main key light. Then they used a fill so the right side of the subject's face wasn’t so dark. They also put a soft light on the background of the interview scene to give it more of a pop.  

Additionally, the B&H video team is currently working on a behind the scenes shoot (coming soon to a blog post near you….. :) , so you'll be able to see how they shoot first hand. Stay tuned and thanks again for reading!

That video sucked! I waited the entire 20 minutes to hear about even the most minir of technical procedures, F-Stop? Diffusers? Side mount on tripod? Nothing. Thanks for wasting my time while you stroked this ontrick pony. All the shots were from direcrly above!

Wow, someone got a case of the Mondays... Nothing beats trail an error...