How to Take Better Portraits: 5 Tips, with Jeremy Cohen


Great portrait photography comes of careful planning and keeping your eye on specific details, such as lighting, posing, using complementary backdrops, and camera placement. In this B&H video, Jeremy Cohen shares five tips that will help you improve your portrait photography, from how to direct a model to the benefits of framing and using a wide aperture to allow for selective focus.

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I love by enjoying and doing Portraiture Photography because Portraiture Photography is always important to me, indeed!!! Finally, I did some posing, lighting, etc. elsewhere, in so I could be more successful, for in my own careers!!!

Hi, James M.C., and thanks for your comments. We find that the road to successful portrait photography--or any other type--is to keep working at it, try different scenarios, lighting setups, poses, lenses, and subjects. Good luck going forward!