Nikon D780 | First Look


Jake Estes and Allan Weitz give you their first impressions of the Nikon D780's features, such as UHD 4K video recording, tilting LCD screen, intelligent Scene Recognition System, and more.


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Sorry but I'm completely happy with my D500 which handles anything I throw at it. Plus I'm not at all interested in anybody else's opinion. Just show me the cold hard specs and production samples at high iso. "Mirrorless Train"? You mean Marketing Train right? Great images don't depend on the latest gear but the do depend on an experienced and knowledgeable photographer. As a 30+ year Pro Nikon shooter, maybe they should concentrate on incorporating wireless and GPS into their entire system without silly dongles. My phone has better metadata.

Nikon and Canon (and the others!) need to start looking at what a cell phone can do software wise and start incorporating some of that software technology in their cameras...

I use a D750 and can't see myself upgrading to the 780 - my next jump would be D850 + or the as yet not announced z8

Pretty pricey for not much more capability than I already have.

I am not sure what you mean by saying are folks still using DSLRs. Aren't most people still using DSLRs? Most people are probably not even considering a Z6 or a D780 because they are perfectly satisfied with the DSLR they have. But, there is likely a market for those who own a DSLR, particularly ones older than a D750, and want to upgrade. Not only are there a lot of DSLR users, many of these people own a lot of f mount lenses, many too old to have af functionality with a z camera. Nikon made the right choice to release a brand new all around DSLR.

Sorry not to agrees. DSLR oare on the down trend. When was the last time you heard or learned about a new entry level DSLR and what happened to the point and shoot there gone. Nikon Canon are going after the big bucks most people can’t afford over$2000 dollars for the buddy then another $1000 plus for a lens. Long are day and I reamber 

Not finished long are the day when Canon,Nikon, Panasonic, Rico,  film DSR came with their brand 50mm 1.8 lens. My first Canon was the canon Tl the only difference was the speed mine topped at 500 and the model above topped at 1000. The price for my camera was  under $300 late 60s. And all metal moving parts and much heavier than the new models. Cellphone photography is the future they are I proving on the each year and you can get an with all the features of a DSLR right on the back LED screen. Cellphone cameras are being featured in The Professional Society of America PSA. Like I said the makers are going after the consumer who can afford and lost sites of the ones who can’t. I have a Nikon 7200 and aNikon 5100 with three lanes 50mm 1.8, 11-22 wide 2,.8 , 18-200 3.5 plus my cell phone which has won first place a few times at my photo club with members who have cameras $$$$

Appears to be a good midrange camera, yet Nikon seems to make upgrades and then takeaways. Upgraded screen and then remove fill flash. How much of photography is done in the rain. If it's raining, I have a hood. Like the upgraded backlite sensor idea. I have committed to the Nikon brand and switching to a Mirrorless will be like switching brands. DLSR works for me and would like a 24 MP +, two storage media, Fill flash camera, with a movable LCD. But great review.

Not the D6. At 1:10 he says "Overall, it's a mid-size DSLR, noticeably larger than the Nikon Z6".