Photographing Dogs & the Humans Who Love Them


Pets play an important role in every family, whether as a best friend or even as a furry child. However, photographing pets is not such an easy task to accomplish! Alessandra Sawick presents her dog photography guide, including best practices for posing dogs, location scouting, pet portrait gear, and more.

Do you have a pet whose portrait you have made? Please share your tips for success in the Comments section, below!




I enjoyed the presentation. Years ago, we had two Beagle siblings, Ranger and Runner. They were outside playing on a hot summer day and came back inside to cool off. Both laid down on top of the air-conditioning vent. I fired up the flash and with the whine of the flash charging, they tilted their heads at about the same angle. I need to find that negative. 

I was testing a Canon EF 100-400 lens. I was outside of our fenced backyard. Zeus had just finished a back rub when I got this candid photo.

Thanks for watching and for sharing your experiences, Ralph H. We have a few pet lovers and owners right here at B&H Explora, and also enjoy photographing them. They make great portrait subjects!