Photography for Good: Using Your Photography Skills to Make a Difference


Non-profit work comes from the heart. It is something from which you are not going to be making large amounts of money; what you are going to make (potentially) is an impact. It is a passion, an adventure, a way to give back and do good. No one told Bruce Byers how to do this—he just heard that he could join a mission and said, “OK, I am in!” It has been not only an eye-opener, but also a wonderful ride to some of the great places on the earth. But within all that, Byers never stops thinking about the next child he can help through his images.

In this presentation, Byers discusses how he documents for non-profits: what it takes money-wise, equipment-wise, and the personal toll it can take, as well. Byers gives you the rundown about how he got involved and why, he goes over the ways he raises the funds he needs to make it possible to do this work, the equipment required, and how to be prepared for anything while being at the top of your game. He also discusses doing stills and video, the books he has created, and what he carries to get the job done.

If you have the desire to document for a non-profit, to use your photography skills to make a difference in the world (and Byers thinks everyone should, because it will change your life and your photography), this talk is for you.