Sony Adds Compact 24-50mm f/2.8 G Lens to Full-Frame Lineup


The classic 24-70mm has some competition. Sony has just revealed an alternative in the standard zoom space with the release of the FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G Lens. Within Sony’s lineup, this new full-frame offering packs a wide-to-normal zoom range and a fast, constant f/2.8 aperture into a compact form factor—effectively splitting the difference between the hefty 24-70mm f/2.8 GM and lightweight 20-70mm f/4 G.

Sony FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G Lens
Sony FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G Lens

When deciding on a lens for everyday carry, the 24-70mm is a seemingly obvious choice because of its versatile range. However, if you wanted something easier to carry, you had to opt for the f/4 model, or, for better image quality, deal with the heft of the f/2.8 version. The 24-50mm chops off that extra range but grants the beauty of an f/2.8 aperture in a smaller body than even the 20-70mm f/4.

Tagged with Sony’s G label, the 24-50mm has a decent helping of lens technologies and features. It has a quality optical design with extra-low dispersion and aspherical glass. It features an 11-blade aperture for smooth bokeh. The lens can also achieve a 1:3 magnification ratio for more versatility. If you aren’t missing the 50-70mm, then this could be a lens you don’t need to take off the camera.

Autofocus is top notch with a linear motor that will work at up to 120 fps using the burst shooting modes of the a9 III. Video gets to enjoy smooth tracking in slow motion 4K 120p and Full HD 240p. Focus breathing compensation is available with compatible cameras and there is a physical aperture ring with de-click switch.

Construction is reliable with a dust- and moisture-resistant design and fluorine front coating. As we have come to expect from most Sony glass, there is also a customizable focus hold button.

This is admittedly not the flashiest of lens releases in recent history, but it is nice to see some new options in the traditionally rote space of standard zoom lenses. Many will certainly find the FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G to be exactly what they need.

If you want to learn more about this lens you can find all the details on the product page. You can also leave a comment, below, with any of your thoughts or questions.