Teton Perspectives: Photographing the Moon, with Autumn Schrock


Autumn Schrock is inspired by the moon and its beauty. The different moon phases or times of day, as well as composition, can affect your photo’s story. Schrock explains how to take all these elements into consideration when photographing the moon, as well as how to strike the balance between planning (using apps like PhotoPills) and improvising in the field.

  • 0:00 - Introduction and Schrock’s Work
  • 1:58 - Storytelling
  • 3:47 - Schrock's Tips
  • 6:20 - Planning and Photographing
  • 8:56 - Camera Settings
  • 10:26 - Gear and Composition
  • 11:31 - Schrock's Tips in Action
  • 12:58 - Symbolism and Art
  • 14:19 - What's Next?

What are your moon photography tips? Share them down below.

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*Please note: All drone footage was taken outside Grand Teton National Park in accordance with rules and regulations.

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