The Business of Photography, Part 1: Getting Started


In this three-part series, Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale lays the foundation for taking your photography from a simple hobby to a serious business. In Part 1, Gale discusses when and how to start a photography business, whether or not specialization is important, what kind of photography may be right for you, and more.

Please share some of your own startup stories or ask us questions in the Comments section, below. And click here for The Business of Photography, Part 2: Marketing.

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I know Sony has gained ground since I started shooting with them, with the AP, the White House, but I still get "Canon" only for opportunities as 2nd shooter. I've also heard it said, "well, just because Sony is the best seller now...". Have you run into that shooting Sony?

Well, Ramona B., after almost 50 years in business at B&H we have run into just about everything. Camera gear is about as individual and personal a choice as one can make. Different strokes for different folks—everyone has their personal preferences and their reasons for them. As a second shooter, it might be more advantageous for you to be using the same system as the primary shooter, mirrorless's newfound popularity notwithstanding.