Hands-On Review : Beachtek DXA-POCKET Compact Audio Adapter


In the following video, Rob Rives gets hands-on with Beachtek’s DXA-Pocket audio adapter, and compares it to three other Beachtek products to see how the features match up. He examines the DXA-Pocket's available I/O and how Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and DSLR shooters might use the adapter to help get better audio compared to their camera’s built-in microphone. Rives shows you how the form factor works with your camera, and discusses its battery life and power options. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.




This video briefly touches on the limiter ability of the DXA-Pocket Adapter saying you can record a backup.  Is this bracketing?  What is that exactly, and how is it different than a limiter?  Recording a strong audio signal without clipping is most important.  How does this device improve my ability to do that?  Signal boost I get, but it's limiter ability is still unclear.  Thanks.

Hi - 

A limiter is not mentioned.  Rob is describing recording a signal from a mono microphone that offers a TRS connection  (dual mono).  He is merely setting the two different gain levels - one for each track.