Mic Shootout 2: Affordable Large Diaphragm Condensers


Join B&H and Justin Colletti, from our partners at Sonic Scoop, as he puts five popular and affordable large diaphragm condensers through their paces. Colletti is joined again by singer/songwriter Wes Hutchinson, who helps him shoot out the Audio-Technica 4050, the Audio-Technica 4047, the RØDE NT1000, the tube-drive RØDE NTK, and the Blue Baby Bottle. Recorded on site at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, Colletti sits down with the house engineers to get their professional take on the mics. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.




I watched this because the video showed a thumbnail of the Blue Baby Bottle, as I'm interested in this. But - big disapointment - the Bluebird was the Blue mic reviewed.

No really best mic here in my opinion except I can tell you the one I didn't like, The Baby Bottle. The windscreen on this mic is a joke, never use it, also seemed to have a grain when pushed vocally. Both Rodes were wonderful, in fact I may have to invest in an NT1000 or NTK, very smooth. The AT's also nice, with a little more color than the Rodes, the 4047 a little more pleasing to my ears. Great shootout, again would have been nice to put a u87 in for comparison and visa versa on the other shootout.