Exciting GH5 II and GH6 Cameras from Panasonic


Speculate no more—Panasonic has announced the release of the newest iteration in its popular LUMIX GH5 line, the GH5 II camera, featuring up to 10-bit 4K60p video capture, revved-up autofocus capabilities, and more versatile livestreaming. But wait, there’s more! Panasonic has also revealed an upcoming GH6 model to be released later in the year. Based around a new engine and sensor, the GH6 will deliver up to 10-bit 4K120 and unlimited 10-bit 5.8K60 video recording.

GH5 II Introduction

This update on the GH5 camera boasts such videocentric hallmarks as 10-bit 4K60P video, simultaneous internal recording and HDMI output, and greatly enhanced autofocus capabilities. Upgraded functions include Wi-Fi livestreaming with just the camera and your smartphone, much smoother image stabilization (IS), and the inclusion of V-Log with the GH5 II for easier integration with S1H/S footage. Thanks to a new anti-reflective coating on its 20.3MP sensor, the GH5 II also offers improved flare suppression, perfect for high-contrast settings. Upcoming GH5 II updates will include the ability to create composite images in Live View, a USB tethering option for livestreaming, and wired RTP/RTSP IP streaming for stable imaging and audio up to 4K 60p/50p H.265.

GH5 II vs. GH5 Comparison

Not only does the GH5 II offer improved frame rates like 10-bit 4K60 and DCI 4K variable frame rates, it comes with the V-Log L curve option for cine-like color grading in post. The GH5 II capabilities include the newer, cine-like D2 and V2 looks plus the L, Classic Neo, and L Monochrome S options. All of these make for easier matching with footage recorded with other V-Log cameras. The GH5 II uses the same 20.3MP CMOS sensor as the GH5, but it’s been updated by the addition of a new coating that suppresses flares and moire effects.

Based on the same durable, weather-sealed, magnesium alloy body as its predecessor, the GH5 II is available as a body only and in a kit with a 12-60mm zoom. It inherits the same dual SDXC card slots, full-size HDMI and USB ports and accessory compatibility, including use with the DMW-XLR1 mic adapter, the DMW-BGGH5 battery grip, and the DMW-SHGR1 tripod grip. The ability to power the camera and charge the batteries via its USB-C port are new to the GH5 II, as is compatibility with the same DMW-BLK22 battery used with the S5 camera. You can still use your existing DMW-BLF19 batteries with the GH5 II but note that you cannot charge the newer batteries on the older chargers.

Dual Card Slot
Weather Sealing

Revved-Up Autofocusing

Individual operators and fast-paced action shooters will be very pleased with the GH5 II’s vastly improved autofocusing functions that are like those of the S1 camera. Now, in addition to the GH5’s Face and Eye tracking, the GH5 II offers Head, Body, and Animal modes, with better tracking and recognition even when your subjects are smaller or off-center relative to your frame with Panasonic promising AF reactions up to twice as fast in a 50% smaller frame compared to the GH5.

Versatile Streaming

Simply pair the GH5 II with the LUMIX Sync app and a Wi-Fi connection (even your phone’s hotspot) for easy streaming to popular social media platforms. This combo offers 720p or 1080p60 at bit rates up to 8 Mb/s while RTMP streaming is available up to 16 Mb/s over a LAN. Another option is to use LUMIX Tethering with your macOS or Windows desktop for up to 1080p30 streaming.

Better Stabilization

You know you love shooting mirrorless when you’re running and gunning so you’ll really appreciate the GH5 II’s improved in-camera stabilization for those dynamic shots. Based on the algorithm developed for the S1H, this IS enables up to a 6.5-stop shutter speed compensation and is especially handy for panning shots.

Brighter Monitor

With a 150% brighter screen than the GH5 and improved color rendition, the GH5 II’s LCD monitor is easy to view, especially outdoors. This higher-resolution, 3" touchscreen monitor also offers selectable aspect ratios and a RED indicator for improved viewing.

Upgraded Warranty

With the introduction of the GH5 II, Panasonic has upgraded the standard LPS Red Warranty (3-year) to the Platinum warranty at no cost. At the Platinum level, Panasonic customers get 3 years of service, plus a discount on out-of-warranty service, and even loaner gear while your camera is being repaired in select situations, plus additional benefits. The standard minimum equipment ownership requirements have been waived, as well, to qualify for the Platinum level of service.

Lumix GH5 II and the Podcasting Professional | Sponsored by Panasonic

In this session, veteran podcaster and photographer Frederick Van Johnson will reveal his process for creating podcasts, courses, and more. You'll get a look at how he uses LUMIX gear, such as the just announced GH5 II, in various aspects of his creative world, including photography, podcasting, and video production.

GH6 Development

Set to hit the shelves later in 2021 and to retail for approximately $2500, the new video centric GH6 will harness its new image engine and sensor to offer such goodies as unlimited recording of DCI 4K 60p in 10-bit 4:2:2. It goes above and beyond that as well with 5.7K 60p 10-bit video and even high frame rate 4K up to 120p in 10-bit. Designed to appeal to professional creators, it's going to be very exciting to see what other goodies Panasonic has in store for the GH6 when it is officially released later this year.

New Panasonic Leica 25-50mm and Camera/Lens Firmware Updates

Panasonic is also pleased to announce the upcoming Leica DG 25-50mm f/1.7, which when used with the complementary Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Summilux 10-25mm f/1.7, will provide users with a healthy range of 10-50mm (20-100mm equivalent in 35mm) in just two lenses, perfect for fast-paced shoots and/or foot-based treks. Existing models haven’t been neglected—updates for the GH5S and G9 will be arriving, as well, including updates to autofocus functions, frame lines, and Atomos recorder compatibility. LUMIX G/Leica DG lens-related updates for the GH5 II will incorporate the ability to choose linear or nonlinear focus ring settings with adjustable 90 to 360˚ sensitivity in 30˚ increments.

Whether you choose to grab the GH5 II or wait for the GH6, turn to Panasonic and B&H to offer the latest in convenient, high-quality mirrorless-style cine shooting.

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I've waited far too long for the GH6. I better not be disappointed and get phase detection af and at least 13 stops of DR or I'm moving onto Sony finally. Panasonic has been stalling and I don't know the reason, but regardless, I'm sick and tired. Get your crap together Panny. 

I'm thinking of getting the GH6 - and use 4K/120 occasionally as well as 5.7K for some cropping, and mainly shoot 10 bit 4:2:2 - what kind of memory cards will I need? Can I use V60 or will I have to get V90 cards?



 El 120 fps va a ser con audio ? o es como el 240 fps 1080p que tiene la gh5s que viene sin audio ?




Gracias por sus preguntas. Desafortunadamente, no tenemos todos los detalles sobre la Panasonic GH5 II con respecto a las opciones de video en cámara lenta. Esperamos tener más información pronto.

Hi Robert - 

The Panasonic Lumix GH6 is still being designed and may be in production soon. As such, we have not seen any memory card recommendations from Panasonic. But based on the GH5II, go with V90 cards if your budget allows.

The m43 world is kinda riding on Panasonic right now. The GH6 had better bring it.

Since I do a lot of bird and insect video-shooting hand held, I'm primarily interested in how quickly it focuses, and how stable the focus is when it's locked on.  I currently use the G9 which could do with improvements in these regards.  Although only in-field shooting will answer that question, the overview specs imply significant improvement - so I'm hoping!

At least the G9 will be getting a firmware update in a few weeks that is promising to improve face/head/animal tracking and AF. A great camera getting even better!


While the GH5 II wasn't specifically tested by us with regards to shooting stills of wildlife, we would expect it to perform very well in those situations. 

Can't wait to get my hands on this gh6 rig bring it Panasonic let's create cinematic magic.