Ready, Set, Go! 2 New Gimbals from DJI: the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro


DJI has upped its gimbal game with the introduction of the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro models, along with the long-distance O3 Pro Video Transmission system. Both gimbals feature automated axis locks that unlock in lightning-fast time, letting you jump right into the action so you don’t miss that crucial shot. An updated stabilization algorithm, SuperSmooth mode, and new quick-release plate designs make your gimbal capture easier and more impressive than ever before. The RS 3 and RS 3 Pro also share exciting new features, such as wireless shutter control and an all-new focus motor in addition to some model-specific upgrades.

Shared RS 3/RS 3 Pro Features

Automated Axis Locks: Getting the shot you want is always important, but it’s critical when you’re covering a live event where second takes are impossible. The RS 3/RS 3 Pro’s automated axis locks expand for use in just two seconds at the press of a single button. This means that once you’ve done your initial camera setup, you’re just seconds away from capturing the action. When it’s time to move to your next location, it’s an equally speedy breakdown.

Wireless Shutter Control: The new RS 3 and RS 3 Pro use Dual Mode Bluetooth to support wireless shutter control to trigger on-stabilizer recording. Once you’ve paired your camera the first time, it will automatically reconnect, eliminating the need for a trigger cable, saving time and effort.

3rd Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm: Stable, jitter-free movement is key to keeping your audience engaged in your story and the new algorithm increases stability by 20% compared to the RSC 2. Tracking shots, low-angle views, and switching between high and low positions will all benefit from the improved stabilization.

SuperSmooth Mode: When you’re covering fast-moving, dynamic action, or when using 100mm-equivalent lenses, turn to the new SuperSmooth mode for enhanced stability.

Focus Motor: The next-gen DJI RS Focus Motor has been beefed up with three times the torque of the earlier model for smoother focus moves while reducing motor noise by 50% for improved audio capture. A new quick-release design lets you assemble the focus motor without any tools.

Instant Mode Switching: A new Mode switch lets you quickly alternate between Pan, Pan Follow, Tilt Follow, and FPV modes with a choice of 3D Roll 360, Portrait, or Custom for the FPV mode.

DJI RS 3 Gimbal
DJI RS 3 Gimbal

RS 3 Gimbal

Lightweight and streamlined, the DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer provides pro stabilization and creative control for independent creators and smaller video productions alike. The RS 3 Combo includes the gimbal plus the RS Focus Motor system, the folding Briefcase Handle, a carrying case, and a second USB-Type C control cable. The RS 3’s new tilt axis fine-tuning enables precise balancing for different lenses and a dual quick-release plate system lets you remount your camera after a battery or card swap quickly—without the need to rebalance. Weighing just under 3 lb (including battery grip and quick-release plates), the RS 3 is light enough for single-handed use but can also support many popular cameras like the Sony a7 S III or Canon R5 with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

DJI RS 3 Combo
DJI RS 3 Combo

OLED Touchscreen: Viewing your settings is now even easier thanks to a 1.8" color OLED display that is 80% larger than the RSC 2 version. The RS 3 also supports mobile device monitoring at a range of up to 656' and smartphone motion control with the Ronin Image Transmitter (aka RavenEye).

New Battery Grip: A cartridge design makes the battery grip more compact and enables easier battery swaps. This new grip provides up to 12 hours of run time, supports 18W PD fast charging in just 2.5 hours, and can be used while charging for almost unlimited gimbal use.

RS 3 Pro
RS 3 Pro

RS 3 Pro Gimbal

The DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer incorporates Ronin-series features, providing advanced operating modes for pro videographers and camera crews. Choose the RS 3 Pro Combo to add the Ronin Image Transmitter, extended lower quick-release plate, phone holder, focus motor system, and assorted cables to the gimbal itself. To accommodate cameras like the Sony FX6 or Canon C70 more efficiently, the RS 3 Pro has an extended carbon fiber axis arm that provides additional balancing, a tilt-axis fine-tuning knob, and an extended lower quick-release plate for mounting a lens support and for increased stability. The RS 3 Pro weighs just 3.3 lb (including battery grip and quick release plates), yet supports up to 10 lb.

RS 3 Pro Combo
RS 3 Pro Combo

OLED Touchscreen: A color touchscreen that is brighter and 28% larger than that of the RS 2 offers intuitive, precise control of your settings, easy framing, and quick status checks.

Carbon Fiber Build: Layers of uncut carbon fiber, like that used on the Ronin 2, create lightweight strength that will stand up to demanding shooting environments.

Pro Focusing: The new LiDAR Range Finder RS (Light Detection and Ranging) uses a built-in camera with LiDAR technology to provide exceptionally stable focus even in lower light levels or with multiple subjects sharing the frame. A Wide mode offers automatic subject detection and focus while Spot mod offers manual framing or tapping to focus on the subject. You can even switch between manual and autofocus with manual lenses after calibration with the ability to store several lens profiles in the focus motor.

ActiveTrack Pro: Use the LiDAR range finder to monitor or frame your subject directly on the RS 3 Pro’s touchscreen with just 40ms of latency in ActiveTrack Pro. The rangefinder uses the same chip as the Ronin 4D camera to boost the ActiveTrack Pro processing to 60x that of the ActiveTrack 3.0 on the Ronin Image Transmitter.

Pro Video Transmission: The RS 3 Pro can power the new DJI Transmission system directly when it is attached on the gimbal bottom’s shoe mount.

Pro Ecosystem: The RS 3 Pro incorporates one battery port and dual RSA/NATO ports for connecting components like a Tethered Control Handle or the Twist Grip Dual Handle. The DJI RS SDK protocol enables developers to offer customized solutions for RS 3 Pro users.


With a range of up to 3.7 miles, the low-latency, dual-band 2.4 and 5.8GHz Transmitter is sure to impress. This wireless system supports up to 1080p60 video at a maximum rate of 50 Mb/s, 16-bit 48kHz audio, and AES 256-bit encryption. Multipoint transmitting enables more than one crew member to view the live video and audio feed, and a DFS band with triple-band frequency hopping minimizes interference between multiple devices.

Opt for the Transmission Combo to outfit the transmitter with accessories such as a high-bright monitor with a built-in receiver, two batteries and a charger, a carrying case, and a variety of cables and tools.

Video Transmission Combo
Video Transmission Combo

High-Bright Monitor: Besides the integrated receiver, the 1920 x 1080 High-Bright Remote monitor shines with features like a motion-control function for the RS 2 or RS 3 Pro, a touchscreen interface, a virtual joystick and focus wheel, and support for multiple imaging functions like LUT input, peaking, and waveform monitoring. Compatibility with the Ronin 4D handgrips, DJI Master Wheels, and the DJI Force Pro controller allows you to use the monitor for run/stop recording and focus and exposure control. Additional monitor features include microSD card recording, a webcam mode, and control for select mirrorless cameras when used with the RS 3 Pro. Power options for the video transmitter and the monitor include the DJI WB37 battery, Sony L-Series adapter and batteries, and third-party V-Mount adapters and batteries.

Gimbal/Transmitter Accessories

Accessories for the new RS 3/RS 3 Pro include items like the Upper Quick Release Plate for Ronin, the Briefcase Handle and BG21Grip , the RS Focus Motor (2022), and the High-Gain Antenna for the video transmitter system.

Added Protection: Nanuk Hard Case

If you’re looking for a little added security, we suggest storing your RS 3 gimbal in a protective hard case during transport. Of the available options, we recommend the Nanuk Waterproof Hard Case, an unbreakable custom case specifically designed for the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro gimbals.

Protect your RS 3 gimbal with a Nanuk Hard Case

This case includes a custom-cut foam interior that perfectly accommodates the RS 3 gimbal and accessories and protects them during travel. The case also features Nanuk’s signature hard-resin, IP67-rated exterior, meaning it’s virtually indestructible. Additional protection is provided by two heavy-duty top latches that ensure the closure is secure. To make transporting your RS 3 that much easier, the Nanuk Hard Case includes a suitcase-like top handle that makes transit a breeze If you're serious about keeping your RS 3 gimbal, the Nanuk Hard Case is your best bet. 

Which new DJI gimbal appeals to you the most, the RS 3 or the RS 3 Pro? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.



is there a trade in program/ deal? I currently own rs2 pro

According to DJI, their trade-in program is suspended until further notice. 

Is it possible to use the new LiDAR system with the RS2 Gimbal?  It seems like the RS2 has barely been out and it has already been replaced... kind of a crappy thing to do.  I know the RS2 has a 3D tracking system of its own but it seems this new one is much better. 

Hi Eric - 

The new LiDAR system is not compatible with the older gimbals.

All I want to know is if there will be proper clearance for a Red Komodo lol and I will for sure pick it up if that's the case. 

Hi Drake - There is enough clearance.  The  RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO 6K  is 4" high.

Is it designed to be compatible with the steadi-mate?

Hi Jeremy - 

It is not designed to work with a Steadicam or Glidecam gimbal.

Does anyone know the name of the accessory being used to make the ronin work as a trinity?

The one on the promotions slideshow at the home page

Looks like a tilta float unless DJI has created its own version

yeah the vest is clearly different in this slideshow photo which is the worst part of the tilta float system.

Tilta did just release a new and better vest for the Float

Anyone know if the lidar 3D focus system previously compatible with the RS2 will work with the new RS3 Pro? Or will they force us to buy the new 3D focus system? Doesn't look like the new gen of 3D focus is part of the RS3 Pro combo. 

Are they going to release an Android version of their software from the official Google Play store?  They only offer as a sideload because Google pulled the last version for security concerns...not going to buy anything from them until they do.

^^ I second this. My coworker and I went through a lot of trouble for me to get my drone license and a second drone for me to fly, only to find out that the app is incompatible with my phone, and no signs of that to change. 

Hi Ken - 

No word yet from DJI regarding an Android version app for these gimbals.


In their footage on their website, the cameraman is clearly using a RED KOMODO camera as he follows a female runner on a barren hill.  Yet the DJI website shows no RED cameras on their compatibility list.  Scratching my head here.

The thing's been out a day. Calm down. They'll get there.

I use the KOMODO on the RS2. I'm sure the RS3 will be able to handle the KOMODO no prob.

I will say its better to use RS3 PRO over RS3