What is Photography?


is a portrait project that asks artists, editors, curators, theorists, and technicians to reflect upon the meaning of photography in today's world. Through image and word, we hope to better understand the individuals featured in the series and garner a sense of what unifies the greater community of image makers.

About the Project

At its heart, “What is Photography?” is a portrait project. It’s not only about photography—it is photography. Through this series, we hope to build a community of image makers and better understand the significance of photography in its many forms. Our goal is to create portraits that reflect the many personalities comprising the series, while also maintaining aesthetic unity. All the photographs were made in the beautiful natural light offered by the Penumbra Foundation’s Highlight Studios, include the same hand-painted backdrop from Oliphant Studios, and were created using Hasselblad’s H Series cameras. In addition to these constants, a monochrome palette was chosen to thread the series together. Over the coming months, we will present two new portraits and quotes per week. Join us as our community and our conversation grows to include the most interesting voices in photography today.

Behind The Scenes

Support Generously Provided By

Hasselblad Oliphant Studios Highlight Studios



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