Visit the Technology Center:
420 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001

The Studio-B&H

Building on B&H's long history of superior service, The Studio is a unique solutions-based environment dedicated to all professional market segments.

The Technology Center

A revolutionary center created to provide a hands-on experience to high-end professionals. The Technology Center is a fully operational studio with an extensive display of high-end products and state-of-the-art workflows.

The Team

A highly skilled team of applications specialists, sales engineers, project managers, and account representatives, all assembled to create a formidable group of individuals, most of them active members of the professional community.

Contact us for an appointment:

CONSULTATION - No matter how complex your needs are, The Studio team can work with you to help determine the most appropriate equipment and solutions.

SYSTEM DESIGN - The experts at The Studio can assist you with complete customization and design for your project.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION - Whether you have an existing facility or are building a new one, The Studio is here to help.

PRE & POST-SALES SUPPORT - The Studio's experts are well equipped to offer professional support for any technical issues and questions you may have regarding your equipment.

DEMOS - In partnership with manufacturers, The Studio offers specialized opportunities to learn about the new equipment and technologies that will keep you at the forefront of the industry. Workshops and demos are hosted in The Studio's showroom and the B&H Event Space on an ongoing basis.