New Shure SE Model Headphones—Now with Bluetooth!


We’re certain you know Shure for its microphones, wireless systems, headphones, and possibly even earphones. After all, the company has been a stalwart in live-sound scenarios and pro-audio syndicates for quite a long time now. The SE Series of earphone is no stranger to the accolades Shure is surely assured with; with their reliance on MicroDrivers, easily-replaceable cables, and sound-isolating design, these earphones have been showing up plugged into the ears of everyone from professional musicians to subway straphangers.

Now, Shure has taken its SE Model earphones to the next, wireless level with a few new models that B&H is proud to show off—and also carry!

First up are the SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones. Styled in black, these earbuds provide an over-the-ear construction angled to engender comfort. They’ll give you 37 dB of noise isolation, and if you’re used to conventional earphones in the SE series, they won’t provide a departure from that classic line—except for the included Bluetooth Communication Cable, which allows you to stream audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices from up to 30' away. Multipoint pairing is on hand, facilitating easy switching between multiple devices and sources of media. The cable sports a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You’ll also find a three-button remote and an onboard microphone. These features will let you accomplish many tasks, from controlling playback, to answering phone calls, to telling Siri what to do.

    Shure SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones                              Shure SE215-BT1 Sound-Isolating               

with Bluetooth Communication Cable                         Earphones with RMCE-BT1 Bluetooth Cable

Ah, that cable, it truly is a thing of meandering marvels and wireless wonders. Perhaps, though, you’re a proud owner of a previous pair of SE Earphones. If that’s the case, we’d understand why you might feel left out. After all, here are all these fancy Bluetooth products, and you’re still plugging your earbuds into your phone like this is 2015 or something!Next up we present the SE215s, available in black, white, clear, or blue. These earphones provide up to eight hours of playback on a single charge, giving you dynamic MicroDrivers to deliver powerful—yet natural—bass response and pleasurable sonic experience overall. The detachable, Kevlar-reinforced cable is also wired for wireless Bluetooth, giving you a streaming range of 30', an inline remote, and a microphone. Included in your purchase are three pairs of foam sleeves, three pairs of flex sleeves, and a carrying case.

Shure RMCE-BT1, Bluetooth Enabled Remote + Mic Accessory Cable for SE Model Earphones

Fret not, oh wired one! Shure is offering the RMCE-BT1 itself—the Bluetooth-enabled remote and mic accessory that will turn any pair of SE-series earphones into a streaming behemoth. The cable terminates in the MMCX connections your SE Model earphones know and crave. The cable itself gives you all the features listed above, sans the earphones; so if you have your own pair already, simply visit our website or our SuperStore and cable yourself into a wireless future!