RME ADI-2: Reference-Convert Like a Pro!

If you’re looking for a reference-grade AD/DA converter with a built-in headphone amp—one that takes up relatively little space and gives you I/O suitable for both pro audio and hi-fi environments—you’d be hard pressed to find a better bang for the buck than the RME ADI-2 Pro Reference AD/DA Converter with Extreme Power Headphone Amplifiers.

Musikmesse 2016: The German Showcase Brings You a Slew of New Audio Gear

Held in Frankfurt, Musikmesse is an international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, and music production. More than 100k visitors from nearly 130 countries made their way to the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Center to find out about the latest innovations and new products. Let’s see what’s up and coming!

Holiday 2012: Premium Tabletop Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is a piece of hardware that enables you to use a computer as the centerpiece of a recording studio. It gives you a way to connect professional microphones and instruments and record them into the computer, and it provides a way to connect studio monitors and headphones so you can listen to your work with optimal quality.

Hands-On Review: the Fireface UCX Audio Interface

With the Fireface UCX, RME has successfully delivered another high-end pro audio interface. The Fireface UCX takes up only a half-rack space and offers 18 input and 18 output channels. It works with your computer, as a stand-alone unit, or with your iPad or iPad 2.

RME Babyface: A Mini MIDI Audio Interface in Assorted Colors

If you’re not familiar with the RME Babyface, it’s a USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface that offers an array of inputs and outputs in an ultra-compact form factor. 

Professional Audio Studio Gear

These days, the sound quality you can achieve with a minimal investment in home studio recording equipment is amazing. But as nice as these affordable recording tools are, they all have sonic limitations. What do you do if you want to take your sound to the next level of quality?

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