Film Sound Mixer Whit Norris: No Sound Problems, Only Sound Solutions

Whit Norris is a professional film sound mixer with a filmography ranging from work on Fast Five to Anchorman 2. Norris took some time off on the set of his current project, the forthcoming Vince Vaughn film, Term Life to talk about gear, and share some great tips and experiences from his expansive filmography.

On your IMDB page, you have a fairly prolific filmography listed. When did you realize sound for film was your passion, and how did you get your start as a professional?


Recording with the Mid-Side Microphone Configuration

When most people record audio in stereo, they usually go to the most common mic configurations, such as a matched pair of microphones arranged in an X/Y pattern, or possibly those same matched mics in an ORTF pattern for a wider stereo field. 

Shotgun Microphone Roundup

Shotgun microphones are used to capture sounds such as dialog in film and video productions, for “spot” miking specific areas on sets, stages and installations, and for creating Foley and sound effects. 


How-to Use a Plug-on Transmitter with a Camera-Mount Wireless System

In this article, we're going to introduce you to a tool that the average person may not be familiar with, yet media professionals depend upon daily. The tool is a plug-on transmitter, and before we show you how to use one, we'll first explain what they are and how their operation will benefit your productions.

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