A Fun and Good-Humored Attempt at Demystifying -10 dBV and +4 dBu

When I first started mixing, I had an interface and a pair of monitors, but something didn’t sound right. The audio wasn’t as loud, full, and rounded as I knew it could be. I did some research, and it seemed my connections were mismatched: My interface sported unbalanced outputs, while the monitors boasted balanced inputs. Herein lay the problem, right?

Inexpensive yet Invaluable Audio Accessories

There’s a certain allure to turning a big knob on a high-end piece of audio gear, but sometimes the most useful tools are the inexpensive doodads. There’s an army of budget-friendly accessories that play a major role both in the studio and on set. 


Recording Electric Guitars at Home

The electric guitar is a compelling musical instrument with a complex, ear-arresting and immediately recognizable sonic signature that has continuously evolved, on record or in concert, since someone attached an electro-magnetic transducer to a big, hollow archtop acoustic guitar more than 75 years ago, during the Big Band era.

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