The Apple Pro Display XDR


Like aged cheese to fine wine, Apple’s Pro Display XDR was developed with its updated Mac Pro in mind to offer users a perfect pairing of creative expression. Built with a 32" IPS panel, it features a 6016 by 3384 6K resolution with Retina display technology that’s known for producing crisp, vivid images on our phones, tablets, and laptops. However, it’s not all about packing pixels. The XDR in its name stands for Extreme Dynamic Range and is essentially HDR (High Dynamic Range) at Apple’s standards. Its backlighting, consisting of an array of 576 LEDs, can sustain a brightness level of 1000 nits and can even reach up to 1600 nits for a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio to truly emphasize the differences between light and dark.

Design-wise, the Pro Display XDR has a sleek and refined all-aluminum chassis with 9mm borders for a screen that’s more, well, screen. This reduction in bezel size provides a more comfortable and immersive viewing experience whether you’re hard at work or taking a breather. Either way, users are welcome to kick back and relax, thanks to its super-wide viewing angles, which preserve color and image quality, so you won’t always have to be in the “ergonomically correct” upright sitting position. On that note, Apple is also offering two models of the Pro Display XDR: one with a standard glass finish and another with nano-texture glass. Both are engineered for low reflectivity, but the nano-texture finish offers enhanced glare reduction for those who are a bit more sensitive or work under harsh lighting.

As somewhat of a one-size-fits-all solution, the Pro Display XDR is built for a variety for workflows. Every user has different needs and it’s fully adjustable to accommodate. Having two displays side-by-side is quite powerful for multitasking, and its 6K resolution, with a 32" viewing area, is plenty to work with. For photo and design-focused users, it’s a large canvas that lets you fit all your content, tools, and anything else you’d like, on one screen. Likewise, video editors and audio engineers can stretch out their workflow to get a macro view of their project. As a cherry on top, its 218 ppi (pixels per inch) rating provides sharp and detailed images.

More importantly, it’s built for color accuracy, featuring a P3-wide color gamut and 10-bit color depth for 1.073 billion colors. Each of its 576 LEDs are also individually calibrated and work with an algorithm that modulates their intensity. To adapt to the variety of standards content creators work with in media, such as digital cinema (P3-DCI), photography (P3-D65), HDTV video (BT.709-BT.1886), design and print (P3-D50), Internet and web (sRGB), etc., Reference Modes reconfigure the display to match. It optimizes values such as color space, white point, gamma, and brightness. Alternatively, users can also set up their own custom profile as needed. Then there’s True Tone technology, which was first introduced on the iPad Pro in 2016. On the Pro Display XDR, it uses two ambient light sensors, one on the front and one on the back, to measure and then to adjust the color intensity of the display for accurate colors based on your environment.

Lastly, there’s the versatile Pro Stand (sold separately). Height, tilt, rotate, it’s got it all, and with a compact design to boot. Its magnetic connector and smooth transitions offer the simplicity and effortlessness you’d expect of a high-end stand. Thanks to portrait viewing, users who work with lengthier content, especially developers and coders, can see more of their work without having to scroll as much. Or if you’re particularly attached to your current setup, Apple is also selling an optional VESA Mount Adapter. The Pro Display XDR’s main connectivity option is a single Thunderbolt™ 3 port, which supports up to 96W of host charging, and it has three USB 2.0 Type-C ports for charging and syncing other devices. With the power of Thunderbolt™ 3, users can daisy-chain up to six displays to their accompanying Mac Pro.

With the Apple Pro Display, you’ll have a workstation with great options—and a view. Stop by the B&H "Mac Pro, Unleashed" Page to learn more about how the Mac Pro can help different types of creative workflows.