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by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 09/23/2022
When AMD first announced the Radeon Pro W6800 Graphics Card, my first thought was that I had misheard. Surely, they weren't releasing a 32-gig card—that’s four times the amount of its predecessor! Which is insane. Turns out, I didn’t mishear. AMD really did release a 32GB workstation GPU. And we were lucky enough to test it out.  Radeon Pro W6800: Specs and Features As the headliner of the Radeon Pro W6000 series, the Radeon Pro W6800
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 07/13/2023
Big transitions, like leaving for school, can be difficult for many of us. But with the right products, you can bring the creature comforts and security of home to college. As anticipation for the new academic year mounts, consider some of our suggestions as potential parting gifts to ensure the college student in your life is set up for success.  The Basics In many of today’s courses, especially for students interacting with storage-demanding multimedia, a hard drive is considered a necessity. For new students, a good storage device can
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 06/07/2022
Manfrotto has been a trusted name in tripod and stabilization systems for decades. With its release of the TetherGear range, Manfrotto expands even further into the studio photography sphere. This collection of products aids the professional photographer in customizing studio space to best suit tethered shooting needs. The TetherGear range includes five products: the Laptop Deck,
by Steven Wong ·Posted 05/24/2022
Logitech is making the workflow experience more comfortable by expanding the MX series keyboard and mouse peripherals. With the introduction of the full-size MX Mechanical Wireless Keyboard, the compact MX Mechanical Mini Wireless Keyboard, and the
0 Views ·Posted 05/09/2022
SanDisk Professional’s PRO-BLADE lineup isn’t just a series of products—it’s a complete ecosystem that delivers performance, versatility, and fast workflow scalability. The PRO-BLADE lineup includes the PRO-BLADE SSD MAG, PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT, and the PRO-BLADE STATION (which will be available later this year). Let’s take a deeper dive and see exactly what is offered. PRO-BLADE SSD MAG We wouldn’t be anywhere
by William Min ·Posted 01/11/2023
Samsung added the 4TB version of this drive to its popular T7 lineup last week, announced at CES 2023. Read the original story: Designed for outdoor use, peripatetic content creators can expand their storage with the Samsung T7 Shield Portable SSD. Available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB models, the T7 Shield doesn’t just
by William Min ·Posted 04/19/2022
Raise your hand in comfort with the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse. Designed for small- to medium-sized hands, the Lift mouse promotes a more natural posture in the forearm than a traditional mouse. The softly textured vertical grip and snug thumb rest adds to the ergonomics, while the customizable buttons, silent clicks, and SmartWheel keep you productive.
by Cory Rice ·Posted 04/12/2022
The SanDisk Professional 7.68TB G-DRIVE PRO STUDIO SSD was created to handle some of the most demanding footage today’s filmmakers can output, with speed and reliability. With the new drive, editors can comfortably work on multi-stream 8K footage at full frame rates, render VR projects at full resolution, or blaze through less intense workflows.
by Steven Wong ·Posted 04/13/2022
Designed to handle professional workloads such as 8K HDR video editing, engineering, and manufacturing, AMD’s Radeon PRO W6000 series graphics cards are built to deliver high performance and power efficiency while adding advanced features, such as hardware-based raytracing, to your workstation. This is thanks to the AMD RDNA 2 architecture, which provides up to 94% better performance compared to the previous generation GCN architecture, with a higher graphics core count and the inclusion of AMD Infinity Cache to help minimize data bottlenecks
by William Min ·Posted 03/16/2022
Expand the ports on your 2016-2021 Apple MacBook Air or Pro model with the HYPER HD156 and HD134 HyperDrive 4K Multi-Display Docking Stations. Turn your MacBook Air or Pro into the centerpiece of your workspace. With 4K
by Steven Wong ·Posted 03/15/2022
AMD has made a significant expansion to its 5th and 4th generation Ryzen 7, 5, and 3 CPU models with the launch of six new desktop processors, most prominently with the announced launch date for the Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor, which is the first commercially available desktop CPU to feature AMD’s 3D V-Cache technology. Generally, the other announced CPUs are designed for budget-friendly builds that take full
by Steven Wong ·Posted 01/24/2022
Aruba has revealed its line of Instant On 1960 rackmount managed network switches, which are designed to help small- to medium-sized businesses take on bandwidth-intensive tasks such as voice and video conferencing. The Instant On 1960 12XGT provdes twelve 10Gb Ethernet ports for exceptionally fast connections to compatible devices such as computers and network storage drives. If your fast-growing business needs more connectivity, then the
by Steven Wong ·Posted 01/05/2022
With many people working from home or managing a hybrid work environment, staying connected and collaborating through video conferencing and chat is more important than ever. Not to mention the ever-growing collection of connected computers, tablets, phones, video game consoles, and other devices that are all vying for bandwidth. With that in mind, a powerful Wi-Fi router that can provide a reliable signal to practically every corner of your home is a must-have in 2022. Fortunately, companies such as Netgear, ASUS, and TP-Link are stepping in
by William Min ·Posted 01/04/2022
At its 2022 Product Premiere, AMD announced a whole host of graphics cards and processors for gaming, content creation, and productivity. There were the Radeon RX 6500 XT desktop GPU, the Radeon RX 6400 desktop GPU, 20 new AMD Ryzen 6000 Series mobile processors, three new Radeon RX 6000S Series GPUs for thin-and-light laptops, five new Radeon RX 6000M Series GPUs for gaming laptops, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D desktop processor, and more. AMD even teased the upcoming Ryzen 7000 Series desktop processors, which will be coming in the second half of
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 12/09/2021
Wacom recently released an updated version of its popular Cintiq Pro 16 Creative Pen Display. This release came as something of a surprise since many of us didn’t know the 2017 model had quietly been discontinued earlier this year. To see what was new, what was better, and how it faired against its predecessor, we took the updated Cintiq Pro 16 for a test drive.