Announcing The Freestyle, by Samsung


Announced at CES 2022, The Freestyle by Samsung is a projector that features a unique cylindrical design on a yoke stand, allowing you to project at nearly any angle. Despite looking more like a lighting fixture than a projector, The Freestyle has quite a few user-friendly features, including smart TV functionality via the onboard Tizen operating system, which also allows for voice control via Samsung Bixby and Amazon Alexa. You can stream from your favorite streaming services or from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. A more traditional source can be used by connecting to the projector’s micro-HDMI input.

The Freestyle by Samsung
The Freestyle by Samsung

The Freestyle outputs up to 550 lumens, making it best suited for use in dim or dark rooms. It projects images from 30 to 100" at Full HD resolution with a 300:1 contrast ratio to provide clear content, and the HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG HDR formats are also supported. Automatic keystone correction ensures that your image is properly squared off when you project at an angle, and with the SmartThings app, you can use the Smart Calibration feature to adjust the brightness and set the proper color settings to account for the color of the wall or other surface onto which you’re projecting.

Smart Calibration
Smart Calibration

While not natively portable, the compact, lightweight design of The Freestyle can be used on the go with the addition of a USB battery pack. A lens cap is included to protect the glass while you travel. An external speaker system isn’t necessary, since The Freestyle has a 360° 5W speaker built in; if you have a speaker system you’d like to use, though, the micro-HDMI port is eARC- and ARC-compatible, allowing audio to pass from the projector back to your compatible receiver, soundbar, or speaker system.

The Freestyle - Portability
The Freestyle: Portability

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The marketing photo of a woman at the beach putting this in her bag to showcase its portability is really nonsensical… where would she project her video? The open sky? 

Exactly! "The Freestyle outputs up to 550 lumens, making it best suited for use in dim or dark rooms." And them I'll carry it to the beach because it's sooo portable!

At this time, Samsung has not offered a replacement bulb for The FreeStyle.