Discover the New Samsung TV and Projector Lineup for 2023


Ushering in a new era of home entertainment, Samsung has announced its 2023 lineup of Mini-LED and OLED televisions and lifestyle projectors. Building upon previous successes and existing hardware, Samsung leverages AI deep learning to enhance visual quality, while offering the latest in cloud gaming and built-in smart home control. All smart TVs also come equipped with Samsung TV Plus, for 100% free, ad-supported TV programming. In 2023, Samsung not only offers you new TVs and projectors, but also provides a centerpiece for your modern and interconnected home.


Samsung’s Mini-LED series, known as Neo QLED, improves internal processing power with a Neural Quantum processor that uses 14-bit processing and AI upscaling to deliver features like Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro. These features join the new Auto HDR Remastering, which lets Neo QLED displays use AI deep learning and existing HDR material to convert SDR content automatically, scene-by-scene, to HDR, improving picture quality for more lifelike results.

Neo QLED TVs in 2023 can integrate with your smart home right out of the box. SmartThings Zigbee and Matter Thread One-Chip Module are built into each set―no external dongle required. The result is that the Neo QLED becomes a central interface in the control of compatible smart devices, such as lighting, security, and environmental controls.


One of the biggest changes to the Samsung OLED series is the addition of an extra-large 77" model for those looking for high contrast and deep blacks in a more theater-like experience. 55" and 65" models are also on offer this year.

Borrowing technology from its Neo QLED line, Samsung's 2023 OLED offerings have Quantum Dot technology and Neural Quantum processors. They combine with the OLED’s existing strength in contrast to add improved brightness and color representation.

The OLED displays take a solid step into gaming as a platform, with all models enjoying a 144 Hz refresh and built-in Samsung Gaming Hub. Gaming Hub gives you access to thousands of titles from Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, and Utomik for cloud gaming that requires no downloading. To really solidify their gaming cred in 2023, the OLED TVs now offer HDR support and are certified with AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, which helps minimize latency and screen tearing.


For fans of a more theater-like aesthetic, Samsung delivers noteworthy upgrades to significant projector models. The ultra-short throw, the Premiere, now supports 8K resolution at sizes up to 150". For the Freestyle, 2023 brings a truly cinematic feature called Smart EDGE Blending. This feature automatically combines two Freestyle projectors for a giant 21:9 experience. With Samsung Gaming Hub also built in, you can game with Smart EDGE Blending in addition to watching movies and TV.

The new year certainly looks bright for Samsung and anyone who wants to upgrade their existing setup. You’ll not only experience better-quality content, but you can also begin to build a home filled with smart devices, with a Samsung display at the center of it all. If you are interested in any of what Samsung has to offer this year, you can find what you’re looking for at B&H. And let us know in the Comments section, below, which Samsung device you're most looking forward to in the new year.