New Kanto Living Mobile Mounts


Kanto Living has three new mobile display mounts to offer, and they’re sure to help you get your display moving! Each model features a 19 x 7" steel middle shelf designed to support up to 15 lb of equipment, such as laptops, gaming systems, Blu-ray players, cable/satellite boxes, and more, with a 10 x 4.9" webcam tray that sits above your display for convenient teleconferencing. Each of the four wheels feature quick-release locks, allowing you to place and store the system safely. Integrated cable management channels keep your wires out of sight, and out of the way when moving the mount.

The MTM55PL-S supports 32 to 55" displays with 75 x 75 to 600 x 400mm VESA patterns and a total weight of up to 80 lb. You can adjust the height of your display from 38 to 58" in 2" increments to accommodate multiple tasks.

The MTM65PL-S supports 37 to 65" displays, also with 75 x 75 to 600 x 400mm VESA patterns, and a total weight of up to 100 lb, and features the same 38 to 58" height adjustment in 2" increments as its little brother.

The largest of the three, the MTM82PL-S, supports 50 to 82" displays with 200 x 200 to 800 x 500mm VESA patterns and a total weight of up to 200 lb. On this model, the height of your display is adjustable from 43.5 to 63.5", also in 2" increments.

Between these three models, most TVs, monitors, and other types displays from 32 to 82" are supported, as well as a variety of source equipment. If you need help choosing a mobile display mount, come in to the B&H SuperStore, or speak with our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff over the phone at 800-606-6969, or via chat or email.

Are you shopping for a mobile display mount for your school, office, or other workplace? Will one of these Kanto Living mounts suit your needs, or are there additional features you’re looking for? Tell us what those might be in the Comments section, below!