Sennheiser Releases the MOMENTUM 4 Headphones


Making a dramatic change in design and a huge leap forward in functionality, Sennheiser announces the MOMENTUM 4, the newest entry in its venerable line of high-end wireless headphones. Compared to the MOMENTUM 3, gone is the classic metal look with exposed cabling. Gone is the foldability of the earcups. Replacing these features is a clean, modern aesthetic with a fabric-covered headband and fold-flat earcups; but the real statement is the improved battery life. Roughly 3.5 times longer than the previous generation, the MOMENTUM 4 offers up to 60 hours of wireless, noise-canceling operation. These are just a few of the changes Sennheiser has in store that could easily make the MOMENTUM 4 the solution to your daily audio needs.


Another big feature of the MOMENTUM 4 is its audio fidelity and overall acoustic experience. Exceptional audio quality is delivered by large 42mm dynamic drivers, in addition to the incorporation of the Smart Control app. For iOS and Android, this app can tailor the sound to your personal hearing, which can make the MOMENTUM 4 feel like a bespoke pair of headphones. In addition, the app provides EQ access, EQ presets, and various sound-mode options.

To ensure you can enjoy this audio quality, Sennheiser supplied the MOMENTUM 4 with generously cushioned and noise-isolating over-ear earcups, along with adaptive noise-cancellation technology. As with other ANC headphones, distracting ambient sounds are filtered out. However, with the MOMENTUM 4’s adaptive engineering, cancellation is adjusted automatically based on your surroundings. So, no matter where you go throughout your day, you’ll enjoy your music without interruption.

ANC is a very handy feature to have in public, but it’s not the only modern convenience the MOMENTUM 4 offers. Communication has also been given just as much attention. Two beamforming microphones in each earcup focus on your voice, and are joined by wind noise suppression technology. When paired with your smartphone, they work together to deliver crystal clear hands-free calls. Another communication feature is Transparency Mode, which temporarily lets external sounds into the MOMENTUM 4 earcups, allowing you to be aware of your surroundings and have conversations without needing to remove your headphones.

When you do remove the MOMENTUM 4, you’ll be introduced to a pair of automated features that help to make using them an enjoyable experience. Pick up the headphones and they will automatically turn on. Place them down and they will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. What’s more, as soon as you take off the headphones, playback will pause, and then resume if you put them back on. While the MOMENTUM 4 may look different than its predecessors, its new design fittingly matches the array of advanced and automated technologies incorporated within it.

You can now enjoy these features for yourself by picking up a pair today at B&H. Sennheiser offers the MOMENTUM 4 wireless headphones in your choice of two colorways: black or white. Let us know, in the Comments section, below, which one you plan on getting.