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With the “Big Game” over and the promise of warmer temperatures on the horizon, we now turn our attention to the great outdoors. It’s time to start thinking about what we’re doing with our outdoor entertainment areas. Maybe it’s not quite time to clean the pool, but we can consider our poolside electronics setup. And what better place to start than with an outdoor TV? After all, as discussed here, TVs are integral to our entertainment installations.

SunBriteTV Signature Series 55"-Class UHD Outdoor LED TV

Have Realistic Expectations

The first thing you’ll need to know about outdoor TVs is that they won’t be as slim as their indoor counterparts, so you won’t be able to achieve that discreet flush look you did in your living room. This is due to the hardware required to make them weatherproof/waterproof, including waterproof seals, fans to keep them from overheating, and built-in heaters to keep them warm enough in frigid temperatures. Outdoor TV depths generally start at 2.5".

Additionally, some features you’ve come to expect from TVs might not be standard with an outdoor TV, including built-in speakers. Since your outdoor setup is highly customizable, manufacturers of outdoor TVs will typically offer speakers separately from the TV; that way, if you’re using your own outdoor speaker system, you won’t be paying for a feature you won’t use.

251 Outdoor Environmental Speakers

What Suits Your Needs?

Just like shopping for a TV to put in your family room, you need to match the TV to your space. Will the TV be fully exposed to the elements, or will it be partially protected in an alcove of some sort? Will it be in direct sunlight? What approximate temperature range will it have to withstand? These are some questions you’ll need to know the answers to before adding a TV to your shopping cart and checking out. I’ve taken the liberty of listing some popular outdoor models based on their level of weather resistance.

SunBriteTV Veranda Series Weatherproof UHD TVs for Shaded Areas

The Veranda series from SunBriteTV is designed for use in full shade. It features a rust-proof aluminum exterior with a weatherproof design to protect its internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, and salty air, and a weather-tight cable entry system offers the same protection for these sensitive input points. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -24 to 104°F, thanks to its dispersive temperature regulation system. A weatherproof IR remote control is included for your all-weather convenience. UHD 4K resolution makes the Veranda a standout choice for shaded installations. Mounting hardware is not included, so you’ll need to provide your own stand or wall/ceiling mount. Dual 10-Watt speakers are built in, though whether that’s loud enough would be up to you to decide.

SunBriteTV 75" Veranda Series 4K Ultra HD Full Shade Outdoor TV

SunBriteTV Signature Series UHD TVs for Partial-Sun Use

SunBriteTV’s Signature series features a brightness of 700 cd/m² (candelas per square meter, sometimes simply called “nits”), a contrast ratio of 4000:1, and an anti-glare screen, making it suitable for use in partial-sun installations. Built-in OptiView technology optimizes the brightness level for use in either daytime or nighttime settings. It also has a wider temperature tolerance of -24 to 122°F to accommodate the extra heat caused by partial sunlight. A weatherproof IR remote is included, but speakers and mounting hardware are not.

SunBriteTV Signature Series 43"-Class UHD Outdoor LED TV

SunBriteTV Pro Series TVs for Use in Direct Sun and Extreme Cold

The Pro series from SunBriteTV can handle direct sunlight, thanks to its 800 cd/m² of brightness, and temperatures from -40 to 122°F. The Full HD models in this series include a 20-Watt detachable speaker module, while the UHD model offers it as an optional add-on. Wall mounts are available separately.

SunBriteTV Pro-Series 49"-Class Full HD Outdoor LED TV

Peerless-AV CL-4765 UV2 47" Outdoor LED TV for Use in Sunlight

While SunBriteTV seemingly has the most options to offer, it’s certainly not the only brand making outdoor TVs. The CL-4765 from Peerless-AV features an anti-reflective, UV-protected, impact-resistant LCD panel with built-in thermal management that allows it to work in temperatures ranging from -24 to 124°F. It has dual 10-Watt speakers built-in, and mounting hardware is separately sold. This model has perhaps the greatest depth at 6".

Peerless-AV CL-4765 UV2 47" Outdoor LED TV

Whether you’re shopping for a traditional TV or an outdoor model, come into the B&H SuperStore to see them for yourself, or contact us by phone at 800-606-6969, chat, or email for friendly, knowledgeable advice.

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I have used standard CRT & flat-screen TV's outdoors in Arizona for nearly thirty years.  The first thing is, keep the sun off of everything, especially your TV.  Second, just protect the top to keep out unwanted moisture & dust from settling through the top vent grills. There are many covers for this  Third clean the screen only with water.  Fourth, and least important, the max temp of 40C (104F) is apparently just a theory.  If it was true, nothing would work out here.  We have had our TV's soaked in rain storms & dust storms and they just keep on going.