Aputure Releases amaran 150C, 300C RGBWW LED Lights, Accessories

Aputure releases amaran 150C & 300C RGBWW LED Lights & Accessories

Announcing new offerings from Aputure: The new amaran 150c and 300c RGBWW LED lights feature a versatile Bowens mount for even more control over your lighting and color options. Aputure also released modifier accessories for these two lights, including the Light Dome Mini SE octagonal softbox and the Spotlight SE projection lens to focus your light further. If you're a lighting professional looking for more creative ways to light your scene, Aputure's new releases are for you.

amaran 150c
amaran 150c

Advanced Lighting with Easy Setup

The new amaran 150c and 300c light design provides a compact head with a universal Bowens mount to utilize custom or third-party Bowen accessories such as barndoors, softboxes, or Fresnels to shape your light output. Using its onboard controls and bright LED, it features a 150W or 300W equivalent light output, utilizing a 360° RGBWW chip for unlimited hue combinations, an expanded 2500 to 7500K color temperature range, and accurate skin-tone reproduction with its CRI/TLCI rating of 95+. It can also use the Sidus Link wireless app on a smartphone or tablet to utilize the advanced Magic Program, Quickshots, and the nine built-in lighting effects.

Both lights feature a standard baby-pin receiver for mounting on any standard light stand or C-stand. They can be powered using the included AC power adapter or an optional external Aputure power station, and they utilize the same 48 VDC power input as the amaran 100 and 200 COB S lights.

Numerous Accessory Options

Two new accessories have been created specifically for these amaran Bowens-mount lights, including the Light Dome Mini SE and Spotlight SE. The octagonal Light Dome Mini SE easily locks onto the Bowens mount and provides a quick way to soften the light output of the 150C or 300C. It includes a 1.5-stop front diffusion cloth and an inner baffle. The Spotlight SE provides a precision projection modification to fit 19° or 36° lenses, depending on which kit is purchased, for a sharp, even illumination. Each kit includes a gobo holder and 15 M-sized gobos to fit a variety of setups.

amaran 300c and Light Dome Mini SE
amaran 300c and Light Dome Mini SE

Because the lights have universal Bowen mounts, they are also compatible with universal Aputure accessories such as a barndoor set, lantern softboxes, a Fresnel 2X lens, and various light boxes and light domes to suit your needs. Each new item comes in its own carry case for storage and protection.

How will you integrate these new amaran lights and accessories into your production workflow? Let us know in the Comments section, below. Check out bhphotovideo.com for more information on these new products and other NAB 2023 releases.