Recommended Cookware for Emergency Situations


For numerous types of emergencies, including snowstorms, floods, and fires, eating, and subsequently food preparation, still remains a crucial part of survival. Here are some of our recommendations for cookware items to keep on hand in case disaster strikes.

Stanley Adventure Two-Pot Prep and Cook Set  If a stove or other heating means is available, a cook set can be an ideal simple setup for preparing both perishable and non-perishable foods. A set like this also helps to save on space, with its nesting design.

Stanley Adventure Two Pot Prep and Cook Set

CRKT Clark Fork Folding Fillet Knife  A knife is a must for food preparation, as well as for simpler tasks around a temporary kitchen. A folding fillet knife is a good all-around choice and has the benefit of the folding design to reside nicely in your entire cookware kit.

CRKT Clark Fork Folding Fillet Knife

MSR MugMate Reusable Coffee/Tea Filter  Even in dire straits, coffee and tea can still be considered a necessity to many people. This reusable filter obviates the need to stock up on paper filters, cuts down on waste, and can be used to brew a single cup at a time in case water or heat is not as readily available.

MSR MugMate Reusable Coffee/Tea Filter

Coleman 5-Gallon Water Carrier  Water is always a necessity in any emergency, and if cooking is involved, more water will be required for boiling, as well as for cleaning. A large 5-gallon water carrier is well suited to storing and porting water, and incorporates a spigot for easy dosing.

Coleman 5-Gallon Water Carrier

Toaks Outdoor Titanium Bowl Set with Bands  Simple and multi-purposed, this two-bowl set features a nesting design for easy storage, and the titanium design is meant to be highly durable. Additionally, each bowl features a silicone band for safe handling when hot.

Toaks Outdoor Titanium Bowl Set with Bands

Please feel free to post questions or share suggestions for your favorite emergency-scenario cookware items in the Comments section, below.